The Ever-Innovative Jayne Ann Krentz

Jayne Ann Krentz’s readers know that this bestselling author can always be counted on to do the unexpected. For example, in her always-evolving Arcane series, the author writes in the past present and future of the same series under her three different author names.

Now Krentz is turning a modern technology on its head as she “double-tweets” a short story. What does this mean for fans? We get to enjoy this Krentz short story told from both her perspective and that of Fallon Jones, the hero of her January romantic suspense, In Too Deep!

The story, which began on November 1st with a tweet from the author announcing that she was headed to Scargill Cove to interview Fallon James, has the pair of criss-crossing and commenting on the other's activities in a highly enjoyable fashion. Our eyes are peeled to see where this tale is headed next!

Check it out now >>

And mark your calendar, In Too Deep releases on January 3rd!