Excerpt Break: Read Chapter One of Gena Showalter's Black and Blue

About to crash from all the candy you ate this morning? No? Just us? If you have a similar lack of willpower, you're probably ready for an excerpt break! Today for you we've got the first chapter of Gena Showalter's Black and Blue, the — Top Pick! rated — latest in her Otherworld Assassin series. RT reviewer extraordinaire Jill M. Smith calls this one a "really special … a must buy." So of course we wanted a taste. (Since we can taste no more candy. For at least … three minutes.) Onto the excerpt! 

Four years later

What ’s wrong with me ?

Evie Black executed her fiftieth lap in the long, rectangular pool that consumed half of her backyard.

The sun shone brightly, heating her skin as well as the water. Very precious water. Expensive. During the human-alien war, a good portion of the world’s supply had been contaminated.

But then, she was obscenely rich and wanted fonothing.

She also had a fantastic job. At twenty-six, she was the youngest surgeon at St. Anthony. It wasn’t the life she once envisioned for herself, but it was a good one all the same.

So why did she feel so utterly unsatisfied?


Her heart thumped against her ribs. Her muscles burned from the strain.


Something had to be missing. Not a man. She didn’t have time to date. Besides, there wasn’t anyone she wanted to date. Her hormones were in hibernation, and had been for years.


Ever since Claire had—

No. No, no, no. Not an acceptable thought path. Fifty-four.

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If your interest is piqued, Black and Blue is available now online and in stores. And more more spooky love stories, be sure to visit our Everything Paranormal page.