Excerpt Break: The Troublemaker Next Door By Marie Harte

Ready for an excerpt break? Today we have a scene from Marie Harte's latest steamy contemp, The Troublemaker Next Door. The story earned our rare Gold rating, with reviewer B. Nakia Garner claiming the book has an "amazing storyline filled with strong-willed characters and a reluctant love affair." Heroine Maddie is set on keeping her fling with neighbor Flynn casual, and her hesitance to get serious might cool off their steamy affair before it even has the chance to turn serious. In this scene, Maddie gets to know Flynn's family. Enjoy!

"We’re not momma’s boys, but we love her. We have a tight family. It helped a lot when Lea passed. Mike’s wife,” he explained in a low voice. “When a tragedy like that hits, it hurts everyone. But we stepped in and took care of Colin and Mike, made sure they had time to grieve. And us too. We loved her; she was family. But you know, the cooking, cleaning, all that stuff. My mom and dad were really there for Mike and Colin, you know?”

His hand rested on the table, and she put hers over it. “That’s nice.”

He looked down at their hands, then back into her eyes.

Oh God, she could see the variations of green in his irises, and she couldn’t look away.

“Maddie?” His low voice made her belly flutter.


“I was thinking—­”

Two sets of large hands tore him away from her.

“Stop flirting with the pretty girl and get your ass in the game,” Mike ordered from one side of him.

Brody winked at her from the other. “Sorry, Maddie. I know how this one can get to chatting, and he just monopolizes time.”

“Like a parasite,” Cam added from behind them.

They ignored Flynn’s muttered cursing, which died the moment his mother approached.

“For God’s sake, Flynn. Let the girl eat. She’s too thin as it is.”

Maddie’s smile stretched her mouth. “Too thin? I really, really like you.” She stood and walked with Beth toward the picnic table laden with food, where her cousin and Abby had just made themselves at home.

“Thanks for this, Beth. It looks delicious.”

“Well, don’t tell, but I already had a brownie. That’s some dangerous chocolate there, Maddie.”

Maddie grabbed a plate and filled it with food. Normally she’d avoid the greasy meats and starches, but she hadn’t had so much fun in ages. Feeling like she belonged amidst the crowd, half of whom she still didn’t know, she forced herself to sit at a long table with strangers.

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