Exclusive Advanced Excerpt + ARC Giveaway: It's In His Kiss By Jill Shalvis

Today we've got an exclusive excerpt from Jill Shalvis' tenth Lucky Harbor novel, It's in His Kiss, plus a chance to win a print ARC of the novel! The story follows jingle pianist Becca as she flees to Lucky Harbor only to meet sexy surfer Sam. In this scene, soon after the two have met, Becca and Sam engage in some heavy flirting while Sam tries to figure out if Becca is available. Enjoy, and if you do, enter to win an ARC of the book below!

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She looked like a quiet, calm, sexy-as-hell oasis, and she was drawing Sam in without even trying. “Thought Lucky Harbor was just a pit stop,” he said over the sound of the surf hitting the sand. “But you’re still here.”

Becca tilted her head back and leveled him with those melting dark eyes. “Appears that way.”

“In your PJs,” he noted.

She looked down at herself. “It’s my Man-Repellent. Guaranteed to deflect a guy’s interest with a single glance.”

The PJs were baggy, but there was a breeze plastering the material to her body, which was a complete showstopper. He laughed softly, and she narrowed her eyes. “What?” she asked.

“Let’s just say they’re not as bad as you think.”

She blinked, then lowered her gaze, taking the time to carefully brush some sand from her feet.

It occurred to him that he was making her nervous by looming over her, so he shifted back a foot or so and crouched low to make himself nonthreatening. He added a smile.

She visibly relaxed. “You probably shouldn’t flash that smile at me too often,” she said.


“It’s…attractive,” she admitted. “You’re attractive. Which you damn well know.”

“But I’m wearing my woman-repellent gear,” he said, and she laughed. It was a really great laugh.

This was bad. Really bad. He’d felt the pull of their chemistry from the very beginning, and had wondered if she did as well. No need to wonder now; it was all over her, however reluctantly she felt it. He needed to walk away now, before this got any more out of hand.

Instead, he spoke. “Is there a reason you want me to be repelled?” he asked.

“You mean am I crazy, or in a relationship?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Either of those.”

“Not in a relationship.” She smiled a little thinly. “Jury’s still out on the crazy thing, though. You?”

He gave a slow shake of his head. “Negative on both.”

Sold? You can pick up a copy of It's in His Kiss, available August 26. Or, enter to win an ARC! This giveaway is for 5 print ARCs of It's in His Kiss and is available to U.S. and Canadian readers only. Good luck!

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