Exclusive Advanced Excerpt: Gates of Thread and Stone by Lori M. Lee

Waiting for a book to come out is one of the most dreadful things. Ever. Luckily, we're here to help make the wait more bearable with a brand new exclusive advanced excerpt! This time, we're sharing an excerpt from Lori M. Lee's upcoming YA fantasy, Gates of Thread and Stone, which releases next month! In this exciting fantasy tale, seventeen-year-old Kai can alter the threads of time, an ability that could get her killed. When her protecter and "brother", Reev, goes missing, Kai must confront her past and Reev's secrets in order to save him.

An hour later, I gave up trying to sleep and rose from my cot to light the lantern, which cast a warm glow across the metal walls. My internal clock told me it had to be about seven. The only breakfast waiting for me in the cupboard was the leftover sandwich, which I had no appetite for, so I threw off Reev’s shirt that I liked to sleep in and pulled on a pair of worn pants and a belted tunic. Then I grabbed my toiletries and made a quick visit to the washroom. I hated it in there; the smell hit you like a roiling wall of fumes, and the staff only got around to cleaning it — not very well — once every couple of weeks.

When I finished and Reev had yet to appear, I began worrying in earnest.

The bridge creaked as I hurried across. The river sloshed green and brown beneath the boards. This early, the docks were quiet, the buildings twice as drab in the daylight. I headed straight for the post and ran my fingers along the wood.

There was nothing beneath the R I’d scratched in yesterday. There should have been a mark for when he’d left work last night.

Keeping in touch was Reev’s rule. Even if we didn’t see each other, we’d know we were safe.

Reev had never broken that rule before.

Caging my fear, I turned down the road to the docks, my pace quickening until I was running. I almost ran straight into the closed door of the Raging Bull, but caught myself in time to tug it open. I prepared to yell at Reev for working late without telling me.

He wasn’t there. My pulse jumped beneath my skin.

Angee’s spot at the desk was empty. The door nearby opened. Joss paused when he saw me.

“Where’s Reev?” I demanded.

Joss grunted. “He left same as always. What do you want? Ready for a real job?”

I fled, chased out onto the boardwalk by Joss’s laughter.

This wasn’t right. Reev would never go anywhere without making sure I knew where he was. He was Reev — consistent, reliable, unfailing.

I’d been afraid even to think it until now . . .

People were disappearing. Had been for years. Like many others, I pretended not to notice. The Watchmen were supposedly still searching for them, but as long as it didn’t affect me and Reev, it wasn’t my business. Worse things happened in Ninurta.

I was safe with Reev. With his silent strength and the subtle tenderness he reserved just for me and the way his arm felt around my shoulders.

He was untouchable.

He was supposed to be untouchable.

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