Exclusive Cover Reveal: Adrianne Lee's Delectable

Summer is well underway and nothing is as relaxing as laying out in the sun reading a great book. And to cap off the perfect day — a perfect desert, which, thanks to visions of the Fourth of July dancing through our heads, we imagine is a slice of freshly baked cherry pie. So what better time to reveal the delicious cover for Adrianne Lee’s upcoming novel, Delectable, the first book in the author's new Big Sky Pie series!

When real estate agent Quint McCoy leaves for a four week trip in Alaska, his mother turns his office into Big Sky Pie, her dream pie shop, and calls on Quint’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Callee, to help out. All Callee wants is for Quint to sign the divorce papers, so she can get her half of the settlement. But Quint has a different plan in mind and will do anything to piece their relationship back together.

Here at RT Book Reviews, we can’t get enough of this scrumptious cover! With a beautiful and calming blue sky background, an adorable title treatment, and an utterly mouth-watering pie, what’s not to love? And the cherries in the bottom right hand corner with stems twisted into a heart add a great whimsical touch.

What does author Adrianne Lee think about the cover? She says, “To me, the cover of Delectable suggests there is no sweeter way to fall in love than over a piece of pie like grandma used to make. It speaks of home and family and happy generations.”

It makes sense that the author was thinking about family when she wrote the book. After all, the hero's mother is an integral part in bringing the two leads back together.

Delectable is also very close to the author's heart because of her own family's story.

“This is the first book I will have published for about seven years since finding out our oldest daughter had stage 4 cervical cancer. Kim wanted me to keep writing, and she would be so happy for me right now.”

As many readers know, there is no better way to heal than sitting down with an ultra-sweet romance and let worries just float away. And that is exactly what readers will find with Ms. Lee's upcoming release Delectable.

Make sure to check out this book when it goes on sale on September 3, 2013! And in the meantime, learn about more heartwarming stories on RT's Everything Romance Page.