Exclusive Cover Reveal: Anna Campbell's Days Of Rakes And Roses

On July 2, historical romance maven Anna Campbell will be releasing a new novella in her Sons of Sin series. Readers who enjoy a painfully proper miss melting under the attention of a handsome, dangerous hero will definitely love "Days of Rakes and Roses." Today we are joined by the author for a sneak peek at the story as well as the exclusive cover reveal. Read on to find out Campbell's thoughts on Lady Lydia Rothermere and Simon Metcalf's cover.

One of the most exciting days for an author is the day she first sees the cover for her story. Once I’ve glimpsed the artist’s impressions of the characters I created, I start imagining readers swooning over the cover as they buy the book. The story immediately changes from something that has lived purely in my mind into a specific artifact called a ‘book’.

My latest cover is the gorgeous pink-rose flooded "Days of Rakes and Roses", a Sons of Sin e-novella which comes out from Grand Central Publishing Forever Yours on 2nd July.

One word – Wow!

This story is unashamedly romantic, a fact you can’t miss the moment you see this beautiful cover. When handsome Simon Metcalf (the boy next door, no less!) gives seventeen-year-old Lady Lydia Rothermere, the Duke of Sedgemoor’s daughter, a rose, her first kiss isn’t far away. But her ruthless father has ambitions for Lydia that don’t involve Simon. He breaks up the lovers and forces Simon into exile.  

Ten years later, Lydia is about to marry another man, although she’s never forgotten her first love. With the conniving of Lydia’s brother Cam, now Duke of Sedgemoor, Simon returns determined to break up the engagement.

But can Lydia let herself trust Simon again? And can she risk scandal by jilting an honorable man in favour of a rake, when scandal has already created such havoc in the Rothermeres’ lives?

In this cover, there are so many things I love. The color firstly — that pink is just as romantic as the novella! I love the way the roses surround Lydia the way that her first kiss has haunted her all her life. I love that the cover models look very much as I pictured these characters. Lydia is a passionate redhead, although she’s spent ten years struggling to toe society’s line. And Simon is a breathtakingly handsome blond who returns to England as a sophisticated man of the world. The man in the picture sure looks like he knows what he’s doing!  

I love the suggestive and very sexy way both her dress and his shirt sag — you know what’s likely to happen next! I love how tenderly his hand circles her arm. These people are partners in passion. And I love ‘almost kissing’ covers. That trembling moment of suspense before lips meet? Works for me every time!

I’d say more, but I really need to go back to swooning over my new cover!

- Anna Campbell

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