Exclusive Cover Reveal: Bethany Hagen's Landry Park

The moment I saw the cover for Bethany Hagen’s upcoming Young Adult novel, Landry Park, I fell in love and was hungry for more. As soon as I read the synopsis, I was positively hooked. With a science-fiction flair, a headstrong female lead, and a hint of romance, Landry Park seems to have it all. The sad part? We have to wait until February 4, 2014 until we can read this powerful debut.

But don’t despair too much, fellow readers, because remember the cover I mentioned? Well, it’s stunning and you get to see it for the first time right here! I just love the simplicity of the overall image, and how the plain background draws your eyes right to the title treatment and the images within the text. The building behind the girl is absolutely beautiful and I can’t help but wonder what lies inside. The block text further illustrates the futuristic setting of the story and it evokes a sense of power and strength.

Author Bethany Hagen couldn’t be more thrilled with the cover! She said, “When I first saw the cover for Landry Park, I immediately fell in love. It does something that I hope I accomplished in the book, which is to say that it pulls together science fiction and romance with a historical flair. I am so excited for the rest of the world to see it!”.

So what exactly is this book about, you ask? Well...

Set in a future version of the United States where the Gentry govern the people and the Rootless maintain the country’s nuclear power, sixteen-year-old Madeline Landry finds herself second guessing everything she has been taught, turning her whole world upside down. After witnessing David Dana, a Gentry golden boy, helping a Rootless girl, Madeline is thrown into the dangers of war and rebellion. In the end, she’ll have to decide to stay with the extravagant Gentry or join the fight for Rootless equality.

If you’re as hooked as I am, then feel free to join me in staring at the amazing cover while waiting for February 4th to arrive. And be sure to catch all the latest YA news over on our Everything About Young Adult page!