Exclusive Cover Reveal: Chelsea Fine's Best Kind of Broken

In a Monday slump? As always, we're here for you. Today we've got the exclusive cover reveal of Chelsea Fine's upcoming Best Kind of Broken. Let us count the ways that this cover and upcoming book might cheer you right out of your Monday doldrums:

1. Chelsea, known for her Archers of Avalon series, is making her New Adult debut. And we at RT are super into New Adult right now. 

2. The plot sounds super swoonworthy. Soon-to-be college sophomore Pixie takes a job at Willow Inn, basically for the room and board. Only she didn't count on living across the hall from handyman Levi. Her former best friend, who almost became something more. Before everything went to hell.

3. The cover ...

We love the adoring way the hero is gazing at the heroine — and we are super obsessed with the heroine's eye makeup. Would that we were so cosmetically gifted! 

4. Chelsea's into the cover as well. She told us, "The cover models not only look like my characters, they FEEL like them. Broken yet hopeful. Desperate yet loved."

Interested? Mark your calendars for March 4, when you can read this awesome romance! We'll just gaze upon this heroine and her perfect eye makeup in the meantime. And don't forget, for more young love stories, be sure to visit our Everything Young Adult page.