Exclusive Cover Reveal: Christine D'Abo's Choose Your Shot

Remember those fun “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from your childhood and how exciting it was to be in control of the story? Well, fasten your seatbelts because Christine D’Abo’s upcoming novel Choose Your Shot gives readers an interactive story with a very erotic twist, and we have an exclusive look at the book’s cover!

But first, let’s tell you a little bit about the book:

When Tegan receives an invite to the reopening of a BDSM club, she can’t wait to satisfy her needs that have been ignored for too long. But which man and pleasures should she choose? Readers will get to explore the club’s many seductions through Tegan and ultimately decide how her story ends. Are you ready to play?

Not only does the book sound exhilarating, but the cover is sensational! With a simple, yet evocative background, the cover features Tegan in some very skimpy clothing. While her back is to the reader, she is certainly no wilting flower. Her arched pose and come-hither look screams confidence. The author says that this is the absolute perfect depiction of her character.

"It was quite a thrill for me when I saw the cover and there was Tegan staring back at me. The art department had nailed not only her physical appearance, but that mischievous look that I imagined she'd wear. Tegan is sexy and more than able to take on anything that's thrown her way. So yes, this is her and I couldn't be happier."

What makes us happy? The faint lace detailing across the cover's middle that gives an extra feminine touch to a story that pushes the boundaries by taking the reader into a sex club where anything goes.

And we mean anything!

From bondage to role playing; voyeurism to flogging and beyond, way beyond (erotic electro stimulation anyone?), this story is for the adventurous at heart because the reader must interact with the text. At different parts in the story, you make the decision which part of the BDSM club Tegan will explore and who her partner(s) will be! To the dungeon to act as a Domme — that's doable. Adopting a submissive role and following a Dom to the St. Andrew's Cross — check. Yet these incredibly sexy scenarios actually had a tame beginning. The author explains her inspiration for the interactive novel:  

"I'm a child of the 80s, which means I spent more than my fair share reading the Choose Your Own Adventure books. I loved being the one in control of the story, making the decisions (for good or bad) and being able to revisit those books again and again. I would read them until I'd exhausted every last option more than once, and then begged my parents for the next book. I hadn't thought about those books in years, not until my own children found my old stash and started reading them. I got the idea that I should write one of my own, taking it in a more adult direction." 

An unconventional format for an unconventional book! Be sure to Choose Your Shot when this tantalizing adventure releases on August 12 and stay up to date with all the latest genre news over on RT's Everything Erotica Page!