Exclusive Cover Reveal: Coreene Callahan's Fury Of Desire

Romance readers who take on a series — whether it be contemporary, historical, paranormal or beyond — always have that one secondary character that they're just dying to see get their happily ever after. For many of Coreene Callahan's Dragonfury readers, that character is Wick — a wounded fighter whose much deserved HEA is coming in book four, Fury of Desire.

Callahan's Nightfury dragon shifters — a half-human, half-dragon race committed to protecting mankind — have been feuding with another faction of dragons hell bent on wiping out humans, so with tension building across three books, Wick certainly has his work cut out for him. Today we're happy to unveil the cover of Fury of Desire, which depicts a hunky Wick among a burning yellow color scheme, inspired by his piercing amber eyes.

Writing an entire series is a serious commitment for an author. We asked Callahan about what she's learned over the course of her series and how the first three Dragonfury books influence the fourth:

"I’ve discovered along the way that every book I write is different. Each story comes together in its own time, at its own pace, the ideas, themes and characters melding to form a transformative kind of story magic. Fury of Desire, however, touched me in ways I have difficulty explaining. Maybe because I fell in love with Wick, the unlikeliest of heroes, the instant I met him. There is just something about a bad boy, isn’t there? Particularly one with a shady past, an uncertain future, and a bad attitude. But for all his stubbornness, he made me a better writer, challenging me in ways no story ever has, so I think it’s only fitting that I adore the cover of his book as much as the man. It captures him with brilliant strokes, bringing to life the aggressive, amber-eyed warrior who never says much, yet always manages to get his point across."

So what else does she think about the new cover, and her hero? She elaborated further:

"I adore the cover for Fury of Desire. It combines all that I envisioned while writing Wick’s story. From day one, he took hold of my heart, and through three books, has never let go. So it was incredibly important to me that his personality be captured on the cover. Everything — from his take-no-prisoners attitude, aggressive body language and gold eyes — hits the mark, bringing him to life on the cover. I’m thankful for the talented artists at Montlake Romance. I think the design team got it just right."

Curious about what challenges await Wick? Here's the book's back cover copy:

No warrior of the Nightfury pack is more complicated or damaged than Wick. Scarred from a childhood of slavery and torture, Wick cannot bear the touch of another person. But all bets are off when he meets J.J. Solares. When she is unjustly imprisoned, Wick agrees to help rescue and keep her from harm. But Wick lives a life of self-imposed isolation and venturing into the world to seek justice for J.J. may be more than he can bear.

Brutalized by the harsh reality of prison, J.J thinks she is hallucinating when a majestic dark-haired god sweeps in to save her — and Wick is shaken to his core by the attraction he feels for J.J. But neither is out of harm's way yet. When they find themselves at the center of a Dragonkind war, they are forced to make the ultimate choice — surrender to their fears or accept each other’s love.

Needless to say, Wick looks smokin' hot, and the look in his eyes certainly tells us he's carrying some demons (figuratively, at least as far as we know ... ). We'll find out what happens when Fury of Desire releases October 15!

What do you think about the cover for Fury of Desire? Excited for more in Callahan's Dragonfury universe? Let us know in the comments below. And make sure to pick up a copy of the book, which will be available in both print and e-formats October 15. For more paranormal romance, check out our Everything Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Page.