Exclusive Cover Reveal: Courtney Cole's If You Leave

The oft explicit, always entertaining New Adult genre has several superstars and earlier this year author Courtney Cole was added to the list after the release of her breakout novel If You Stay, first in the Beautifully Broken series. Originally self published, the romance about Pax Tate, the ultimate bad boy, and his reluctant leading lady Mila Hill shot to the top of bestseller lists and was acquired by Grand Central Publishing.

In September, Cole is publishing the series second, If You Leave, picking up the story of Mila's younger sister, Madison, and her coming to terms with the loss of her parents.

Around the RT office, we are especially excited about this upcoming release for several reasons. First, Cole has proven that she doesn't deal with trivial matters. Instead we get realistic look at issues of drugs, sex, heartache, death — the author never lets you forget that her characters are Beautifully Broken. But while they may be hurt, Cole's characters are also capable of incredible growth and depth of emotion that make us truly care for them, regardless of the choices they make.

Another reason to love Courtney's tales of New Adult drama — the awesome covers! If You Leave's artwork definitely gives a nod to If You Stay's amazingly romantic cover. Readers are given a glimpse at another beautiful couple, hopelessly lost in each others arms. On this newest cover, Maddy has a soft smile on her face, clearly enjoying being in the arms of her man — the sexy, stubbled Gabriel.

So what does Courtney think about her newest cover? She told us:

"I love If You Leave's cover because it perfectly illustrates Gabriel's inner turmoil. He's watching Maddy sleep, poised to leave, desperate to do the right thing, but just as desperately not wanting to. He's desperate on the inside, but no one knows."

Ohhh. Absolutely delicious!

What do you think about the cover for If You Leave? Excited for Courtney Cole's series second? Let us know in the comments below. And make sure to pick up a copy of the book, which will be available in both print and e-formats in September. For more stories featuring teen romance, check out our Everything Young Adult Page.