Exclusive Cover Reveal: Gayle Forman's Just One Day - Paperback Edition

In January, Young Adult author Gayle Forman released her critically acclaimed novel Just One Day. This RT Top Pick! rated novel immediately got readers' attention not only for the exciting European setting, but also the relatable heroine.

In Just One Day, American teenager Allyson's foreign trip has lacked excitement, that is until she decides to stray from the itinerary and accompany Dutch actor Willem for a day in Paris. What follows is a life-changing adventure that has Allyson wondering what's next — college back in the States, or maybe something different.

This August, the paperback edition of Just One Day releases and the publisher has something exciting planned — a new cover! Very different from the hardcover version, this cover will have readers wondering if that is Allyson and Willem just starting out on their journey in Paris or perhaps they are walking into the sunset, embracing their future. (We'll never tell! You're just going to have to pick up this amazing book to find out for yourself.)

So what does the author think of the cover change? Gayle told us that she was very pleased to see this new graphic because while the hardcover captured Allyson's journey of self-discovery, this new version "really highlights the things that prompt that journey — namely, one day in Paris. Or to be more precise, one day in Paris with a stranger named Willem."

The new cover is not only a beautiful depiction of the beginning of a relationship — who wouldn't want to hold the talented, handsome Willem's hand — it also points to the excitement that can come with traveling into the unknown. And the unknown is certainly a theme in the story — Allyson is visiting a new place with someone she just met while trying to figure out how to move on from high school and into her adult life. The decisions and emotional fallout that Allyson faces are nicely reflected in her physical journey to France. Allyson's impromptu detour shows her independence and brave spirit, things that Gayle says she admires. 

"One of the things I love about travel is the mystery of it; how you never quite know what is around a corner, or who a new day might bring into your life. But when you're willing to travel openly, magical things happen. I think this cover suggests that somehow.”

We agree that there is something very magical about this cover, as well as the story. 

The paperback version of Gayle Forman's Just One Day is available for pre-order now and will be releasing August 20. And if you are looking for more great novels featuring teen protagonists, check out our Everything Young Adult Page