Exclusive Cover Reveal: Lynn Viehl's Disenchanted & Co.

Lynn Viehl's 50th novel, Disenchanted & Co., releases later this year as a two-part installment and today we're happy to reveal the gorgeous covers of both parts, Her Ladyship's Curse and His Lordship Possessed. Steampunk meets Urban Fantasy in these stories which take place in a parallel 19th-century London and follows Kit Kittredge, a woman who investigates mysteries laced with magic. Today the author shares her thoughts on the covers and tells us a little bit more about Kit and her adventures. 

Pocket Star did a fabulous job with the covers for Her Ladyship's Curse and His Lordship Possessed, the two-part e-book releases for my novel Disenchanted & Co. In this series my protagonist Charmian (Kit) Kittredge, a Victorian American lady private detective, is a resourceful, independent woman who relies on her wits as well as her talent for exposing crimes of magic. I think the cover model projects Kit's strength and personality while remaining faithful to the dress and styling of her time. 

Because my series takes place in a parallel 19th-century steampunk universe, I needed cover art that fit the look of such a place. There are some differences; in Kit's universe America didn't win the War of Independence but remained part of the British Empire, and is now called Toriana. The delightfully dark period scenes depicted as backdrops on the covers are a perfect match with how I imagined the city where Kit works solving mysteries. 

Toriana is a dangerous world, where Kit is constantly at odds with Lord Lucien Dredmore, a professional assassin and master of the dark arts. She also has to dodge her former childhood friend, Thomas Doyle, who is now a chief inspector at New Scotland Yard. Magic, another major element in the series, has a special relationship with the lovely pendant Kit wears (Kit, on the other hand, regards all magic as pure nonsense.) The pendant might look like a pretty jewel glowing in the lamplight, but there's a lot more to it than Kit or anyone in the story suspects. When a lady who believes she's been cursed comes to Kit for help, strange things begin happening ... and what Kit discovers on her quest for the truth will forever change her and her world.

Disenchanted & Co. will be my 50th published novel, and I'm grateful to RT for kindly hosting the exclusive cover reveal for the e-book versions. Authors always look forward to such landmark books, but I'm especially delighted to know this particular story will take that spot with such superb covers. If you'd like to know more about the new series and the world of Toriana, please stop by and visit the Disenchanted & Co. blog. There you can hear all about Kit and her crew, read some excerpts from the books, have a chance to win some fun giveaways and get updates on all the latest news.

- Lynn Viehl

You can download part 1 of Disenchanted & Co., available online August 12. Part 2 will be released digitally on October 14. And for more supernatural intrigue, visit our Everything Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Page.