Exclusive Cover Reveal: Marina Anderson's The Dining Club

Serialized novels are the latest hot publishing trend, and when it comes to erotic romance many publishers are experimenting with this new way of digitally releasing chapters of a book over the course of several weeks. Today, we're happy to share with you the covers of the first two installments of Forever Romance's first serialized erotic romance, The Dining Club by Marina Anderson, a pseudonym for British mystery writer Margaret Bingley (who also writes erotic romance as Fredrica Alleyn).


Forever made the decision of going with tastefully modest, yet alluring, object covers that genre fans have come to know and love. A detailed door handle with a key turned in the door's lock adorns part one, "Desire," as if to invite readers into an unknown world, while "Bound" gives us a possible clue as to what you can find behind the door. What kind of world can readers expect from Anderson? Check out the story's description:

You are invited to the Dining Club.

If you pass the challenges we set, a world of pleasure awaits you.

He is everything she never wanted: brooding, secretive, rich - and far-removed from her care-free artistic lifestyle. Yet David has a power over Grace that she cannot resist, a power that comes from his darker, passionate side.

And now he is ready to truly reveal himself. Inviting Grace to a weekend at the Dining Club, David offers her the opportunity to discover his deepest desires and to find pleasures far beyond her wildest imagination - but only if she if willing to play a series of sensual games.

Grace faces a choice: give in to her doubts and retreat to her quiet life, or truly embrace happiness with David and win over her mesmerising lover forever.

Both covers give off a secretive vibe that we're hoping can only reflect the seductive nature of the book. Does David leave a key for Grace? To they enjoy an elegant meal and fine wine? Do they do ... other things after dinner and in the mysterious room? We're going to go ahead and guess yes, but went ahead and asked the author for some insight, which she happily shared:

"[These covers] really capture the essence of the 'feel' of the story, as I envisaged it, as they are classy and erotic in a slightly mysterious way. They draw you in, making you want to go through the door and then taste the wine (I'm not sure if it's a wine glass or a champagne glass!)"

We're not sure exactly what's waiting behind that door or in that dining room, but fingers crossed it's an amazing story! The Dining Club serial begins in August and lasts eight weeks, giving readers a lengthy reading experience with enough time to savor each and every chapter.

What do you think of The Dining Club covers? Have you read any serialized novels? Let us know in the comments! And for more genre news visit our Everything Erotica Page!