Exclusive Cover Reveal: Spare Hearts by Dorothy F. Shaw and T.D. Hoffman

In the mood for something steamy? Then you won't want to miss this cover reveal that shows off husband and wife writing team T.D. Hoffman and Dorothy F. Shaw's upcoming release "Spare Hearts". But before you download this digital novella coming in August, get the inside scoop on this story which promises to bring the heat.

The title "Spare Hearts" refers to the hero's profession. Sterling Dey is a formal pro bowling champion who wants to get back into the game. So he has holed up at an out-of-the-way bowling alley in a small Texas town to practice. But Sterling is interrupted when he meets Candy Jameson, the alley's night manager. When a one-night stand turns into something more his priorities shift and he works double time to find a way to make her a permanent fixture in his life, no matter what.

We've been checking out this cover for a while now and we have to say that it really screams sexy. The scruffy looking hero has just the right amount of bad boy charm — and it doesn't hurt that he reminds us of the delicious Bradley Cooper! As for the heroine, let's just say that she isn't minding all the attention she's getting (and who would?).

But the real question is — does this cover couple set the tone for the story? The authors say absolutely. Dorothy tells us that the cover is a "perfect" representation of Sterling and Candy. "He's behind her, caressing her, not afraid to go for what he wants. She's leaning back against him, a bit reluctant, yet giving in to her hearts desire. This is the dance we see between the characters throughout the story." T.D. adds that he is especially pleased with the cover since it illustrates the "amazing heat and desire of the characters, the magnetism that pulls them together and thrusts them into whatever may come."

So there you have it — a heady relationship that starts out with a bang and only gets hotter the more time the characters spend together. We don't know about you, but we are certainly looking forward to getting to know this athlete and small town girl. After all, there isn't anything more compelling than a determined hero who goes after what he wants. Especially one who is just as determined to give his heroine her every desire. 

"Spare Hearts" by Dorothy F. Shaw and T.D. Hoffman will be available this August. But if you can't wait that long for a sexy read, then head over to our Everything Erotica Page where we give the scoop on more great stories.