Exclusive Excerpt: Burn With Me By R.G. Alexander

The summer days are dwindling and the kids are heading back to school. Doesn't that just put you in the mood to cozy up to a London-set, paranormal romance? Well, friends, we at RT are here for you. Today we've got an exclusive excerpt of R.G. Alexander's Burn with Me, out today from Samhain, which reviewer Jaime Giraldi calls, "an awesome start to a series."

Trilogy starter Burn with Me stars Aziza, a heroine living on borrowed time. Believing herself cursed, her demise on its way, Aziza begins hallucinating — or is she? — during a trip to London. Little does she know what fate has in store for her ...

Death was following her.

She’d left her coat in the pub, she thought absently, wrapping her arms around herself as the air chilled her. As if she might split apart if she didn’t. She made her way around the men, most of whom had taken their hats off or bowed their heads in a sad, habitual form of respect at the view in front of them. Aziza reached the front of the circle of people and looked down.

She clapped a hand over her mouth to hold in her sound of distress. A man and woman lay dead on the narrow road, their eyes open, blood pooling like halos around their heads.

They were holding hands.

“A bit wonky, this,” a stranger muttered to someone beside her. “I’ve seen jumpers before. Usually make more of a mess. These two look like they just laid down and died.”

She winced at the lack of emotion in his voice, but his words made her look closer. Really look. He was right. They weren’t unrecognizable. Just the opposite. And their bodies weren’t bent at odd angles. They seemed...posed. Heads tilted toward each other as if in affection and hands clasped. The dead woman’s hair was the color of a blueberry milkshake, and in between their bodies, not smashed to pieces as it should have been after that kind of fall, was a phone with a picture of the two of them smiling on it. Of the two of them alive.

Aziza stumbled backward, bumping into the growing crowd as she looked at their faces again. “That’s not possible.”

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