Exclusive Excerpt: Elizabeth Eulberg's Better Off Friends

Young adult is such an exciting genre, full of adventures through the past and into space and the future and more. But sometimes it’s so great to read a YA about a regular girl with regular problems. And that’s where Elizabeth Eulberg’s novels come in. RT reviewer Lauren calls her latest, Better off Friends, “charming,” “comforting” and “true to life.” And today we’ve got an excerpt for you to see for yourself!

Elizabeth set the stage for us: “Can a guy and a girl really be just friends? That is the question for Macallan and Levi in Better Off Friends. I'm so excited that RT is sharing the first two chapters, where you'll meet Macallan and Levi in seventh grade. But that's only the beginning — the book spans five years, two continents and one very, very tumultuous relationship. But I don't want to keep you from it. Happy reading!”


Download The First Two Chapters Of Better Off Friends  >>

Ready for the whole story? Better Off Friends is available in store and online February 25. And for more teen tales, be sure to visit our Everything Young Adult page.