Exclusive Excerpt: Julia Quinn's The Sum of All Kisses — With Giveaway!

Good news, readers! There's a new Julia Quinn out today — the third in her Smythe-Smith quartet, starring those erstwhile "musicians" who somehow still manage to be lucky in love. The Sum of All Kisses pits Sarah, who is in the midst of her third season, against Hugh, whose duel with her cousin cost Sarah one of those seasons. They're thrown together at two weddings and loyal, sharp-tongued Sarah begins to see that there's more to the brilliant, hobbled mathmetician than maybe she thought. RT Reviewer Maria calls the book, "a wild romp," and it's a Julia Quinn romance, so you just know there'll be witty banter. So as you wile away the work day until you can get home and read, we've got an excerpt for you, as well as a giveaway at the bottom of the post!

She turned swiftly, determined to examine the large gloomy portrait that had been keeping her company. The subject appeared to be an unpleasant gentleman from Flanders, seventeenth century if Sarah’s eye for fashion was correct. How he managed to look so proud in that ridiculous pleated collar, she would never know, but he was staring down his beaky nose in a manner that told her clearly that none of his cousins would dare to call him selfish to his face, and if they did, he would not cry about it.

Sarah curled her lip and glared at him. It was probably a testament to the skill of the artist that he seemed to glare right back at her.

“Has the gentleman done something to offend?”

It was Hugh Prentice. Sarah knew his voice well enough by now. Honoria must have sent him over. She could not imagine why he might seek out her company, otherwise.

They had promised to be civil, not eager.

She turned. He was standing about two feet from her, impeccably dressed for supper. Except for his cane. It was scuffed and scratched, the wood grain dull from overuse. Sarah wasn’t sure why she found this so interesting. Surely Lord Hugh traveled with a valet. His boots had been buffed to a high shine, and his cravat was expertly tied. Why would his cane be denied the same careful treatment?

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Intrigued? We know we are! And we've got a giveaway for you: if you'd like to get caught up on the Smythe-Smith Quartet, we're giving away three sets of the first two books: Just Like Heaven and A Night Like This. Simply tell us the last great historical romance you read in the comments, or email your answer here with the subject "Julia Quinn giveaway" (be sure to include your U.S. mailing address). U.S. residents only, please!

The Sum of All Kisses is available in stores and online today. And for more romance to speed your day, be sure to visit our Everything Romance page.