Exclusive Excerpt: Larissa Ione's Apocalypse

Every year at the RT Booklovers Convention's Giant Book Fair, there is a breakout author. Amidst the sea of writers autographing, one author will have a line so long that it will wrap around the entire event. This year, the one to watch was Larissa Ione. A writer of the paranormal romance variety, Ione is known for creating great characters, complex plots and steamy, steamy reads and her newest series, Lords of Deliverance, is incredibly popular. Featuring the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, these books have readers' hearts racing, desperate for more end of the world action! This month, Ione is feeding our need with the next novel in her series, Lethal Rider and "Apocalypse," an e-only compendium about the series. Included in "Apocalypse" is a behind the scenes look at the author's sexy heroes, daring heroines and smashing series. This 99-cent buy also sports a terrific short story that will have readers wanting more. Whether you are already a fan or are just getting your first taste of Ione's Lords, enjoy this RT-exclusive excerpt from the new e-short "Apocalypse".


Yenrieth grinned as he eased toward the shore, moving slowly to give whoever was watching a satisfactory show. Verrine would cluck her tongue at him and tell him he was too vain for his own good.

That was probably true.

He looked around for his fellow angel, wondering where she was. They'd been given the most tedious duty, and for two years they'd spent their nights patrolling the nearby forests for hellrats.


The assignment was supposed to be some sort of training to teach them to develop their skills with holy fire. Hunting hellrats was fledgling work, and Yenrieth had progressed beyond that a decade ago. Unfortunately, his superiors didn't agree.

He strode up onto the bank and donned the plain white robe that was standard issue for all novice angels. As he slipped into his calfskin boots, a rustling from the forest caught his attention. He waited for a sense of evil to alert him about the nature of whatever was skittering through the underbrush, but nothing struck him as odd.

But then, sensing evil was Yenrieth's weakness, even though he didn't admit that to anyone. His skills with holy fire couldn't be topped, so did it matter if he was a few seconds slow when it came to identifying evil?

A gray blur flickered in his peripheral vision, and he whirled, catching sight of the spiny hellrat as it tried to dart to the pool for a drink. In an instant Yenrieth summoned a hot stream of holy fire and turned the demon rodent into a pile of ashes.


Yenrieth whirled, his hand burning in preparation to throw another blast of fire at whoever had snuck up on him. Instead, when he saw the black-haired, violet-eyed female standing at the edge of the water, her curvy body wrapped in a sheer purple sheathe, his palm cooled and his body heated.

He reached out with his angelic senses for an evil vibration, but he didn't get anything. She must be human.

"Who are you?"

Her gaze dropped, taking a long, slow ride over his body before she met his eyes again. "I'm Lilith."

Larissa Ione's "Apocalypse" is available now for Nook and Kindle users and the latest in the Lords of Deliverance series, Lethal Rider, was released earlier this week! For more great paranormal tales check out our Everything Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Page!