Exclusive Excerpt: Mary Robinette Kowal's Glamour In Glass

Mary Robinette Kowal blew us away with her 2010 debut, Shades of Milk and Honeya Regency-set fantasy that won our August 2010 Seal of Excellence Award. Ever since, we've been waiting patiently for the sequel, Glamour in Glass. Thankfully, the series second releases next week. In celebration, we're offering chapter two of Glamour in Glass as a free download.

Kowal's work is most frequently referred to as "Jane Austen with magic" as the new author has skillfully woven magical elements into the era of Regency-era England, where people work glamours or small illusions on a daily basis. The series first follows Jane as she hones her skill and finds her happily-ever-after with the handsome glamour expert, Vincent. The sequel picks up as Jane and Vincent embark on their honeymoon and their relationship faces new challenges. You can learn more about the series in this video interview with the author, or dive into the extended excerpt of chapter two!

Want to learn more about what will happen to Jane and Vincent — and who Skiffy is? Download the complete chapter two excerpt here. Or pick up your own copy of Glamour in Glass in stores April 10!