Exclusive Excerpt: The Savage Grace By Bree Despain — With Giveaway!

Today author Bree Despain gives readers a peek between the covers of The Savage Grace the final novel in her popular paranormal series Dark Divine. Read on to discover the author's favorite part of the story to write and then download a complete exclusive excerpt from the story. And don't forget to leave a comment below to enter to win a special gift from the author!


One of the themes I wanted to explore in The Savage Grace was the idea of Grace having to balance the safety and well-being of her family with her desire to use her burgeoning superpowers in order to make the world a better place.  Unfortunately, it is Grace’s involvement in the paranormal world of werewolves, demons, and psychic vampires that ends up putting her family in danger—but the only way she can be strong enough to protect them is to embrace her paranormal “destiny.”

Chapter six of The Savage Grace is one of my favorite chapters because I was able to explore what happens when Grace’s two greatest desires converge and she must use her powers in order to try to save her father’s life, while battling the guilt of knowing that it’s her fault that her father was placed in danger in the first place.  This is the chapter in which the consequences of Grace’s new life start to get very, very real.

I also love this chapter because it’s one I’d been envisioning ever since I first dreamed up a character who was a teenage girl with newfound superpowers—the quintessential “budding superhero must save someone from a burning building” incident.  Only this scene has a twist.  Unlike some of my favorite superheroes, such as Superman or Spider-Man, the thing that gives Grace her superpowers—her inner wolf—is also the greatest deterrent to her being able to accomplish what she needs to do, because werewolves are petrified of fire.  So not only does Grace have to get over her own personal fears in order to try to rescue her dad, she also has a demon-wolf inside her head, trying its best to convince her to turn back.  Her greatest strength is also her greatest weakness.

This is by far my most action-packed book yet, and I hope this chapter gives you a little taste of what to expect in the pages of The Savage Grace.


- Bree Despain



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