Exclusive Q&A: Lauren Oliver Discusses the Delirium Pilot

Fans went crazy when Hulu and WIGS announced their plans to make the unaired pilot for Delirium, based on Lauren Oliver's bestselling novel of the same name, available for streaming. And when the pilot went live last Friday, everybody settled in to see if their expectations were met. I'll be sharing my thoughts on it later this week with Web Reviewer Christin, but I was dying to know what Lauren thought. Today, we have an exclusive interview with her where she discusses the hotness of Emma Roberts and Daren Kagasoff, the setting and her favorite part! Take a look:


Lauren OliverEmma Roberts and Daren Kagasoff have pretty great chemistry as Lena and Alex, and I couldn't stop smiling every time they shared a scene. What do you like most about their portrayals?

They're both such talented actors, and I've been so grateful for their passion. I thought Emma did a great job of showing Lena's strength, despite all the walls and anxieties her society has imposed. Daren was so charming and romantic, and genuine. Oh, and they're both super hot!

They did a really nice job with the setting, especially with the party scenes and The Crypt. Which setting did you find most true to the book? Is there anything you wanted to see more of?

My absolute favorite set was when Lena and Alex were playing together in the ocean. That's one of my favorite parts of the book, and it's such a romantic setting, almost the cliche of a romantic interaction. But in the background you see this giant wall stretching out to the horizon. it felt like a perfect metaphor for the whole story. I wanted to see more of the Fineman's house. I wonder what other secrets they have hidden in there!

In the books, Julian and the Deliria Free America organization are formally introduced in the second book, Pandemonium, but they play a huge part in the pilot. What are your thoughts on having Julian show up early and possibly have feelings for Hana?

I think the producers, screenwriter and director introduced the elements from Pandemonium and Requiem in a really smart way. One of the advantages of a TV show is that you have a lot of space to explore the wider world of the story. Plus, I wouldn't want to wait too long to see Julian, or Tack, or Ren (Raven) — they are some of my favorite characters.

What was the hardest part to watch as the author? The best?

I think the hardest part was just the anticipation, and worrying about what the fans would think. I knew that there had been many changes to the original source material, but I was thrilled with the way the fan community embraced this riff on my work. The best part was the feeling of community, watching along with everyone who was sharing their experiences online.

With so much enthusiasm and buzz surrounding the pilot and the popularity of web series, can fans expect the show to get a second chance at life?

Ha — I actually have no idea! I'm just the lowly writer and I don't honestly understand the convolutions of Hollywood. I'm just happy fans get to experience and enjoy the pilot.

Will you watch it again or are you happy with just one viewing?

I will definitely be watching it again. I fully plan on forcing all my friends to watch it with me over the next 24 days. 


With Lauren's stamp of approval, now's a great time to watch or re-watch the pilot! Be sure to tell us what you loved most in the comments! And for more YA shows, movies and buzz, visit our Everything YA page!