Exclusive: What's Up Next For Jaci Burton's Play-By-Play Series

If you are looking to dip your toes into the ocean of erotic romance, we suggest that you check out Jaci Burton’s incredibly fun Play-by-Play series. These books feature professional athletes who are just as skilled at their respective games as they are in the bedroom. (Believe us, you may want to keep a glass of water and a fan handy while you read these incredibly steamy tales!)

But before we get to what's next in the series, first let's go recap what has happened so far. Book one in the line-up, The Perfect Play, won the February 2011 RT Seal of Excellence. Said RT’s Whitney of this read, “This erotic romance fully indulges the fantasy of being swept off your feet by a pro athlete. Fans of Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Deirdre Martin and Rachel Gibson's sports series that are looking for something extra steamy have a new author to check out." The story introduced readers to the seriously sexy football star Mick Riley and Tara Lincoln, a single mother and event planner, who Mick can’t help but fall in love with. But can she trust that this amazing man truly wants to be part of her life?

Just a few months later, in August 2011, it was “batter up!” for Mick’s younger brother, Gavin, a professional baseball player, met his match in sports agent Elizabeth Darnell. One sexy proposition took their longtime friendship into untested (boiling) waters in Changing the Game. The story had RT’s B. Nakita Garner saying, “This book is wonderful from beginning to end, even for those who are not baseball fans.”

And this week, the series third will be hitting stores. Taking a Shot features Jenna Riley (Mick and Gavin’s little sister) who runs the family’s sports bar. She's promised herself that she will never get involved with a pro athlete, but maybe hockey player Tyler Anderson can change Jenna's mind. You can check the story out for yourselves and get RT reviewers Dawn and Janine take on the book when they Dish about it this Wednesday!

So far Burton's series has delivered stories about three of America’s favorite pastimes. And this is only going to continue with her next books. It was just announced that the Play-by-Play series will be adding at least five more books! So which sports can we expect? Burton told RT, “Book 4, Playing to Win, takes us back to football, and Book 5, Thrown By a Curve, returns us to baseball. After that I'm not sure since I haven't set up the next set of books yet. I've had some readers ask for more hockey, and maybe I'll explore some new sports, too. The fun is always in the planning!”

While we wonder what new sport will be coming for book six — will it be ice fishing, curling, golf, the sport where they hurl trees? — we know that we won’t have too long to wait for more Riley family members to for a happily ever after. In September, the Riley siblings’ cousin Cole will attempt to make a true-love touchdown with Playing to Win. And we got an exclusive look at the series fifth, Thrown by a Curve when we chatted with the author.

“Right now I'm working on Cole's sister, Alicia's book. After that, I'll start on this new series of books, so I haven't yet decided what direction I'll take the series. I've loved writing the Riley family, and hey, you never know when new family members may crop up. But it would also be exciting to start all over with a new family, too. Or make the next series independent of family. You just never know.”

We are absolutely confident that any character or sport Burton decides on will work wonderfully, after all, there can be no downside when this talented author features a hot athlete. And a definite side benefit of these types of books is the amazing covers which will continue in the upcoming Play-by-Play books. The author told us, “The Berkley art department continues to surprise me with amazing covers for every book. I don't expect that to change as this series progresses, which means awesome covers for each book!”

Thank you so much to Jaci Burton for sharing this information with us! We absolutely cannot wait to read the next stories in the series.

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