Extended Excerpt: Sherrilyn Kenyon's Born Of Shadows

Bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon gives us a peek between the covers of her newest League novel, the futuristic paranormal romance, Born of Shadows. Check out the first two pages of the story below and don’t miss the special treat at the end of this post!


Twenty-two Years Later

“Thank the gods you’re here. I’ve been running arou—”

Without flinching or breaking his stride as he walked down a filthy, dark alley, Caillen jerked his blaster out and fired straight into his sister’s shoulder, cutting her words off before she wasted his time.

Not to kill her or hurt her. Just to shut her up before she made things worse for both of them.

Right now, he didn’t have time to listen to her bullshit. He was here to save her life.

And hopefully his too.

Gasping, she crumpled toward the trash-laden street. In one smooth move that caused his light-armored brown coat to flare out around his feet, he caught her against him and lifted her into his arms. He groaned under her weight. “Damn, Kase, quit working out so much and lay off the frigs. I’ve carried men who weighed less.” Not that he made a habit out of carrying men, but still . . .

Even though she was six inches shorter, she outweighed him by a good twenty pounds and he carried less than two percent body fat on a lean six-foot-four frame. His muscles screamed out in protest of his heroics as he heard the Enforcers moving in.

This was getting bad.

He glared down at her unconscious body while her brown hair spilled over his sleeve. Her plain features were so peaceful in spite of the hell she’d unleashed that it really made him want to hurt her.

But he couldn’t do that.

Blood was blood.

Sighing, he moved fast to stash her behind a Dumpster and to cover her with his coat. On top of that, he added enough trash to keep the Enforcers from seeing her. Yeah, she’d bitch-slap him later for the stench . . . and the headache his stun blast would leave her with but it would keep her safe and right now that was all that mattered to him.

Well, there was the urge he had to wring her neck until she turned blue—that mattered to him too, but that could wait.

A beep from his wrist alerted him that his hacked paper-work for her ship and cargo had gone through. Kasen’s IDs were removed from everything and his were registered in her place.

I’m a fucking idiot. By doing all of this, he’d just put his neck in a noose and he knew it.

What the hell? Who wants to live forever?

For the record and in case any higher deity was listening and taking notes, he did. But he was definitely going to cut his life short if he kept rescuing his sisters. Or at the very least cut his freedom down to the size of a ten-square-foot cell.

Yeah well, at least then I’d get three meals a day instead of six a week.


Want the rest of the first chapter of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Born of Shadows? Click Here! You can read the entire story when the book hits stores on April 26th, 2011.