Extended Review: The Duke Is Mine by Eloisa James

Eloisa James is without a doubt one of my all-time favorite historical romance authors. James’ 2002 Enchanting Pleasures has a special spot on my keeper shelf, but she’s introduced me to so many other fantastic characters over the years, she could easily take up an entire shelf! I’ve lost my heart to her (thankfully redeemable) rakes, and adventured alongside her misfit heroines. So to say that I go into a new Eloisa James book with high expectations is an understatement. I go in with stratosphere expectations. 

For her third re-worked fairytale James takes on the classic story “The Princess and the Pea”. And although The Duke is Mine doesn’t hit shelves until late next month, I got a chance to check out a copy. And I am happy to report that the author’s upcoming novel more than meets my rigorous standards.

When the story opens readers meet Georgiana and Olivia Lytton, sisters who have been groomed to be the perfect wife of a duke. Only, in Olivia’s case, the training didn’t quite take. And to make matters worse, Olivia is the sister who has been engaged to the Duke of Canterwick since childhood. So when the opportunity comes for Olivia and Georgiana to travel to the home of Tarquin, Duke of Sconce for a house party (a thinly veiled opportunity for his mother to find him a proper wife) the young women think that they may have finally found Georgiana the perfect match. But that’s before Olivia and Tarquin meet. This strong-willed pair can not deny the passion that sparks between them, but is there any way that their love could have a future in the face of Olivia’s engagement to Canterwick and her sister’s feelings for Tarquin?

Readers can expect classic Jamesian high jinks, a heroine who will stay in your mind long after the last page is turned and secondary characters that positively jump off the pages. Although I was unsure how easily she’d be able to weave “The Princess and the Pea” into the tale, it goes off without a hitch! James uses the tropes in a totally believable manner and the end result is a story that will keep readers positively enchanted.

But it can’t come as any surprise that the author is leaving readers with smiles on their faces. And she’s not just doing it with her upcoming novel. Eloisa James has teamed up with fellow scribe Linda Francis Lewis to create the Luck Duck Club for readers, where they give away advance reader copies of upcoming books and Swarovski crystal lucky ducks. You can check out the contest details here to find out how to enter for your chance to win the latest prize — or sign up for the Lucky Duck Club newsletter for the complete contest schedule!  

Mark your calendars you can pick up The Duke is Mine in stores December 27, 2011. And for more genre coverage be sure to check out our Everything Romance Page!