Extended Review: Fighting Kat By PJ Schnyder

I first met PJ Schnyder in Kansas City at the RT Convention in 2013 while she was on a panel. As a person she is fabulous, funny, and engaging; all qualities that made me intrigued about her writing. I put her on my “To Be Read List”, but had many others to get through first. Finally I had time to pick up her London Undead series. I devoured both Bite Me and Sing for the Dead. The latter earned a spot on my Picks of 2013 List!

While waiting for the next book in that series, I decided to give her Sci-Fi Romance series, The Triton Experiment, a go. Typically I am not a big fan of Sci-Fi, but I had continually heard great things about it. Suffice to say, I’m a reformed believer in the genre! PJ finds the perfect balance of concepts that make the book futuristic, but not leaving me scratching my head at unfamiliar concepts.

The first entry is a novella, Hunting Kat, and it hooked me in from the start. Being so short, I was left begging for more. Fortunately I was able to obtain an ARC of the first full book, Fighting Kat, which releases this coming Monday. Before I get into the meat of the book, my recommendation is you need to get on this series stat!

The book picks up a few months from where Hunting Kat left off. Mercenary-for-hire Kat, and Lt. Rygard have continued their “casual” liaison, a relationship that neither has expected to develop. Her crew is en route to support his, when trouble strikes, he and his unit now missing. She’s immediately on the hunt for her man, her cat-like nature in full force.

PJ expertly delves into the mindset of a feline predator, making it feel extremely organic to the character and the situation. Few authors manage to truly capture the animal nature in their books, but with PJ, she succeeds and excels at it! Her expertise is not limited to felines, but canines as well. This is shown in the character of Max, a genetically enhanced German Shepard. Max broke my heart and put it back together, something I didn’t expect from a secondary, or from an animal companion.

During the rescue mission, Kat is brought closer to the prisoner, Bharguest, who is a full shape-shifter like her. He’s a complete sociopath, but one you can’t help but want to see what he will do next. Once Rygard is recovered, Bharguest is key in the planning of the rescue of the lieutenant’s men, which sees the two men, Kat, Max, and Max’s handler, Tracer, thrust into a gladiator’s arena to fight for all their lives.

I don’t want to say anymore, as the story is way too good to give anything else away. If you like your Sci-Fi with strong characters, hot sexual encounters, and a story that leaves you begging for more, then Fighting Kat is for you!