Extended Review: Going Up By Lena Matthews

Going Up” the new contemporary erotic novella from Lena Matthews is pure fantasy fulfillment. In the story, heroine Koko Brown acts on her exhibition tendencies by exploring herself sexually the elevator of the local office building.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Koko delivers lunch from her deli to Sarraf Enterprises. And regardless of whether there are people in the high-rise elevator or not, Koko can’t seem to stop from touching herself. Looking for a sexual thrill, the only thing that separates Koko from the occupants in the elevator is her small lunch cart. Yet while other people in the elevator are unaware of what she is doing in the corner, the “eye in the sky” security cameras catch her Koko’s entire act.

The head of security of Sarraf Enterprises, Reese Desoto has a front row seat to Koko’s sexy exhibitions. But he has grown tired of having the building’s security guards watching her. Even though Reece has never met Koko, he feels protective of her and wants her erotic moments all to himself.

After a particularly short show, which he was hoping to see more, Reece intercepts Koko in the building’s lobby and asks to see her in his private office. Koko immediately knows that her naughty displays have been revealed and she is afraid she will be arrested for indecency. Ashamed of putting herself in such an embarrassing position, Koko tries to explain to Reece why she feels the need to act out her fantasies in the elevator. However, Reece isn’t looking for the whys — he just wants to know when she will do it again.

Reece may seem intimidating, but he is totally and completely at Koko’s mercy. His need for her overshadows everything else, however, Reece is not just after sex. He wants to watch Koko find her own fulfillment and have fun. There is no judgment in what she considers her “kinky” nature. As far as Reece is concerned the sexiest thing a woman can do is find her own pleasure anytime and anywhere she wishes. 

Reece is so nonjudgmental and understanding that he is able to talk Koko into a private performance just for him. They agree to meet later that night in the building and Koko will enter the elevator with nothing to hide behind — no lunch carts or clothes. Just Koko acting on her sensual nature with Reece watching her through the security cameras.

Koko is definitely interested to give Reece what he is after. And not only because he is incredibly attractive, but also because he places all of the control in her hands and lets her know that she gets to call the shots. She doesn’t have to feel ashamed by her actions; she doesn’t have to explain herself. There is no pressure or expectations on either of them. Koko and Reece are just playing a sexy game where both can come out winners. 

- Dawn Crowne