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Extended Review: Saved From A Killer By Miranda Stowe

I hate to give one star reviews. I just hate it.

I have lots of author friends and I know how much time goes into crafting a story. It takes effort to get to know a hero and heroine. It is difficult choosing the right descriptors for the setting and plotting the story.

So it is always hard to give a one star review.

Unfortunately, I have to report that “Saved From a Killer” by Miranda Stowe has just received a one. A romantic suspense erotica, the story picks up as Jenna Daggert is found by Deputy Joseph Morgan. Captured weeks earlier, Jenna has endured abuse at the hands of the Miners Bend Woman Snatcher but because of drugs, she barely remembers her experiences. However, the cuts and bruises on her body tell the story of her trauma.

Just a day after being released from the hospital, Jenna decides it is time to speed up her recovery, so she wants to experiment, sexually, with the man who saved her. Joseph makes her feel safe and she hopes that being intimate with him can help her heal.

But the things these two do together…I mean give a girl a break! Sure it is all Jenna’s idea to have sex (she almost forces herself on Joseph even though he initially protests, believing she is too fragile) but, come on. There is just no way she can be ready for this.

Nonetheless, Jenna and Joseph engage in BDSM play that mimics her experiences as a captive. And during these times, as well as when attempting oral sex, Jenna becomes physically ill. The memories of her abuse (which remember, happened only days before) surface. Instead of stopping altogether or getting counseling, she and Joseph just engage in escalating sexual encounters, in her vain attempt to get over what has happened to her.

Any man, real man, with a brain in their head would call a stop to the situation. But, not Joseph. The cop did not know Jenna before she was kidnapped, but since working on her case, he has grown borderline obsessed with her. So when she tells him to do something, whether it seems to hurt her or not, Joseph does it. Definitely not hero material in my mind.

The story itself is just one giant, inappropriate scene after another. From Jenna masturbating in her hospital room, to her cousins explaining why the Snatcher is good for the small town’s economy, to her mother asking Joseph how long it took him to have sex with a woman after his wife died, “Saved From a Killer” is cringe worthy.

On top of rude characters with their logic defying choices, there is absolutely no resolution at the story’s end. The bad guy is not taken down and instead is free to move on to his ninth victim. Despite the fact that this is an ongoing series, it is still completely disappointing that the reader is left in limbo, just waiting, along with the rest of the town, for the Snatcher to strike again.

- Dawn Crowne