In this month's Harlequin Medical Romances, readers will find cases of intense family upheaval that have left lasting emotional scars. These men and women have been through loss and now struggle with serious issues in their relationships. So will these men and women be able to overcome the challenges that stand in the way of living happily ever after?


The Doctor and the Runaway Heiress 
By Marion Lennox

Dr Riley Chase has just found out that the eighteen-year-old daughter he didn't know he had is also an expectant mother. Can Riley's budding relationship with nurse — and heiress — Pippa Fotheringham survive this new revelation?

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Their Miracle Baby
By Caroline Anderson

In the latest story set in Penhally Bay, spouses Mike and Fran are struggling to have a baby and it's tearing them apart. Although neither is a medical professional, a terrible accident gives this pair a chance to rekindle their romance. But, do they have a reason to hope for the future?

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Just One Last Night ...
By Amy Andrews

Years ago, Grace decided to break off her engagement with fellow med student Brent when her grades started to slip, because her career was more important to her than her personal life. Now things have changed drastically, and in order care for her sibling's orphaned children, Grace has moved across the country to be with them and taken a job at a new hospital. When she learns that Brent is her new boss she wonders if they can find their way back to the love they used to share.

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The Tortured Rebel
By Alison Roberts

When Dr. James "Jet" Munroe and emergency rescue pilot Becca Harding are stranded on an island during a disaster, will they be able to survive long enough to clear up the miscommunications that kept them apart in the past? Is there anything Jet can say or do that will help Becca stop blaming him for his role in her brother's death?

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We hope you enjoy these tales of doctors and nurses whose love lives are on the line in the face of some family complications!

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