Fanning the Spark: Debut Inspirational Author Emily T. Wierenga on Marriage and Romance

Marriage is great, certainly, but it doesn't always resemble a romance novel. After years together, sometimes the spark dims as your time is taken over by kids, chores and work. (Don't get us started on the never ending trips to the grocery store.) But there's hope! Today we have debut inspirational novelist Emily T. Wierenga, who's here to ruminate on her marriage, when she first met her husband (college sweethearts!) how it all contributed to her romance, A Promise in Pieces.

The cover of A Promise in Pieces

He had one break dance move, and he used it that afternoon, in the townhouse packed with college students, him in the middle of the rough textile carpet, dancing.

I had a soda in my hand and the air smelled of musk and potato chips. It was the first time I’d seen him—the long-legged, muscular farm boy with the shy smile and the large hazel eyes. We spent the rest of the night in the kitchen, him sitting on the counter and me standing close enough to see the freckle on his right cheek. And he told me about life growing up in a Dutch hamlet.

I didn’t know then that one day we’d make a life in that hamlet, too, with two little boys and a large triangular garden, all I knew was that his one break-dance move had made this preacher’s daughter feel sinful.

And it’s real moments like these which give romance novels a pulse.

Novels like my debut, A Promise in Pieces, with flawed characters like Clara—the pastor’s daughter who runs away from home to serve in World War II, and comes back determined never to get married for all of the death she’s seen. And that’s when she sees him—the shy man named Oliver—across the church pews, the veteran with the limp and the voice of a meadowlark.

All it takes is a look between two characters, and no matter how old we are, we remember. The electric tango between the space of two people, knowing this is what ministers and poets talk about—the love that wraps around our finger, our body, our home, until death do us part.

It’s living side-by-side someone for the rest of your life in the same faded bed sheets, in the house with the clogged gutters and the shingles that need replacing, but every once in a while, he gets down on the carpet, your two boys watching and he does that one break dance move.

And it’s enough to make your heart sing.

- Emily T. Wierenga

Ready to fan that spark into a flame? Emily's A Promise in Pieces is out this week! And for more inspirational reads, be sure to visit our Everything Inspirational page.