Fans Unite At The FAN-tastic Day Party!

We hosted our first-ever FAN-tastic Day, on Saturday during the 2012 RT Booklovers Convention. The program, which included workshops and panels culminated in a reader party that featured several of the biggest names in fiction. At the evening event readers had a chance to connect with authors on a one-on-one basis. If you couldn’t make it out, here’s a taste of the party — and what you might have learned if you were in the room!

Some of our favorite moments were things “overheard” at the party as authors were chatting with readers. We bet that you didn’t know that futuristic romance author Marcella Burnard lives (and writes) on a boat with her cats. What a life, right?

And Sharon Page revealed seeing pictures from a recent photo shoot of Len Gunn aka Mr. Romance 2011, inspired her to write a steamy scene readers may come across in one of her upcoming novels … is it just us or is it getting hot in here?

As we partied with the authors, several of whom reduced us to near squees, we got a chance to find out about a few of their fangirl (and guy) moments!

Historical romance’s Erin Knightley was incredibly excited to meet one of her favorite authors, Kat Martin. Erotica romance author Delphine Dryden was another writer who was thrilled to meet a genre legend, her fan moment happened when she got to hang out with Joey W. Hill.

James Rollins, a long-time Anne Rice fan, was looking forward to getting to know with the renowned author better when he went out to dinner with her after the party. (We’re sure you won’t be surprised to learn that there was a  virtual stampede to meet Anne Rice. Her line wrapped around the perimeter of the entire room. And fans were delighted to discover that Rice’s most recent hardcover, The Wolf Gift, was included in their goody bags.)

Yasmine Galenorn, was excited to meet a laundry list of authors and was happy that she got to check of some of her must-meet authors during this year’s RT convention, including Ann Aguirre, Jeaniene Frost and Melissa Marr. (And if Galenorn is on your must-meet author list and you couldn’t spend time with the author at this year’s FAN-tastic Party, don’t despair — the author is already making plans to attend next year's RT Convention!)

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