On Saturday Nancy Berland Public Relations hosted Women's Fiction Day at the convention. The events ranged from interviews, informational panels and social gatherings.

First, Sherryl Woods hosted a sweet tea in honor of her new Sweet Magnolia series. RT Staffer Kate Ryan called the tea "a lovely respite from the busy pace of the convention." A special surprise for Kate was that the beautiful video about friendship that played during the sweet tea happened to include a quote from Kathy Ross, the 2010 Bookseller Of The Year.

 Each table at the tea had a special seat reserved for Sherryl Woods, wrapped in a beautiful pink ribbon, to ensure that the author was able to circulate and have some special moments with every table.

Just after the tea ended, convention attendees were invited to "Knight On Kindle" an informational seminar. There author Deidre Knight, with the assistance from Samhain's Lindsey Faber, discussed the pros and cons of the Nook, Sony e-Reader, iPad and Kindle. The pair also discussed how e-Readers are revolutionizing the industry for publishers, readers and booksellers.

Then it was on to "Regency Bingo" with Sabrina Jeffries and Jane Austen (played by author Leanna Renee Heiber). First, Sabrina Jeffries interviewed Jane Austen about her take on mash ups and the way her characters are used for inspiration. Austen was particularly shocked by the graphic nature of some of the recent novels that are attributed to her. Afterwards, everyone played a round of bingo with prizes including Sabrina Jeffries latest release and bottles of her Hellions of Hallstead Hall series tie-in, Hellion Ale.

Finally the evening capped off with "Making Romantic Cocktails" with Louisa Edwards. The author made cocktails inspired by her Receipe For Love series to encourage everyone to have a special romantic moment at home. The real crowd-pleaser of the evening was the Miranda cocktail based on Louisa Edward's September '09 title, Can't Stand The Heat.

This was just some of what went on during Women's Fiction Day this year at convention. We can't wait for next year's L.A. Women's Fiction Day at the RT BOOKLOVERS CONVENTION. Hope to see you there!