Figment Recruits Bestselling Authors To Help Aspiring Writers Start 2012 Off Right!

Figment, the online community for writers, is helping aspiring authors follow through on their New Year's resolution to write more. The beginning of the month marked the start of their new program Daily Themes, which provides writers with a daily prompt to help inspire their creativity. And to make the news even better, many of these prompts have been crafted by bestselling authors!

It's no secret, sometimes it's hard to take the often-repeated advice, "write every day". If you just can't manage to make writing a habit without some extra incentive, Figment's new, easy-to-use Daily Themes will help you get your creativity in gear during the week. The editors at the online community are making getting inspired just as simple as opening an email. Daily Theme subscribers receive a new writing prompt in their inbox Monday through Friday.

Katie Robins, Figment’s VP of Educational Marketing, gave us an exclusive look inside the Daily Themes program. She told us that although Figment’s base audience is young writers, with the online community's new initiative they’ve been drawing attention from writers in every age bracket. Previously, Figment ran prompts as contests, which got a lot of positive feedback, but their new program had a different objective: to create a program that would help writers looking for intriguing writing prompts. (A writer herself, Katie is no stranger to the sometimes frustrating search for good prompts.) For Daily Themes, Katie shared that Figment was “looking for ways to increase creativity, a service that delivered to young and older writers as well.”

With the impressive list of authors contributing Daily Themes, it’s no surprise that readers of all ages are taking notice. This week’s prompts are all from author Lev Grossman. His 2009 novel The Magicians was a New York Times bestseller, and he is a well respected literary and technology critic with an impressive resume of freelance work under his belt. But he certainly isn't the only author contributing. Among the award-winning writers are New York Times bestseller Curtis Sittenfeld and Nell Freudenberg, one of The New Yorker's 20 best fiction writers under 40.

After their creative prompts have inspired you to get cracking and put your writing prompt-inspired words down on paper (or computer screen), you can post the results on Figment. And if you use the tag DailyTheme when you post, the fun continues. In addition to hearing feedback from other Figment posters, you may get a shout out from the Figment editors, be featured on the site’s homepage or be mentioned in their online newsletter. And those fabulous authors that we just mentioned? They may also take a look at your work if it has been tagged!

Daily Themes was initially pegged to New Years’ resolutions and only supposed to run until March 30, but Katie revealed, “People have asked for the program to be continued past that, now it may go on indefinitely.” And as a result, the Figment team is already in talks with more authors and professional writers to contribute writing prompts. According to Katie, Figment is currently looking for a really great range of talent, which will include authors, poets and journalists. She couldn’t share any names yet, but she revealed that her “Writer Wish List” includes Sherman Alexie, Jennifer Weiner, Toni Morrison and Zadie Smith!

To get involved, and get writing, you can sign up for Daily Themes here. For more genre news and coverage, check out our Everything Young Adult Page.