Find Out Who Will Play Katniss In The Hunger Games Movie

It's official, Katniss Everdeen has been cast in the film version of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games. So who is the lucky girl? Not a girl at all, but the 20-year-old actress Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence first came to attention in last year's breakout Indie movie Winter's Bone, and was nominated for an Oscar for her note-worthy performance. For more information about the casting announcement check out EW's post here.

While some fans might be upset that this is an Lawrence is an older, tall blond, I'm actually pretty excited. I don't think I would believe a younger girl could do the job that Katniss does during the Games. Also, if we are talking casting, there are a lot of 20-something male leads that could be cast opposite Lawrence as Katniss' love interests Peeta and Gale. Several of the RT editors think that Hunter Parrish (best known for his role as Silas in Weeds) would be a good fit for Peeta and we are interested in rumors that his name has been linked with the project. But who do you think should play opposite Jennifer Lawrence?