Fiona McArthur On Her Newly Released Harlequin Medical Romance

Fiona McArthur is one of the series romance authors whose March Harlequin Medical Romance is getting a *Web Exclusive Review*. Today she stops by to chat about what fans can expect from her latest tale, Midwife, Mother ... Italian's Wife.

Hi, I'm Fiona McArthur and I write for HMB Medicals Romance, and I'm a midwife.

Leon Bonmarito is my favourite hero so far. But I’m not going to rave about a sexy Italian widower who didn’t know he had a sense of humour until he found Lyrebird Lake, or about Tammy, a feisty, independent midwife and mother who doesn’t need a man to try and run her life.

Instead, Morgan’s asked me to talk about my core theme, and that’s women being there for women. Or Midwifery.

It’s not money that drives the world, it’s babies and their promise for the future, and women are the ones that are in charge of birth. Did I confuse you? Doctors are in charge of sick people and sometimes we forget birth is a normal event not an illness.

Lyrebird Lake is fictitious, but for me it’s where the midwives live and where you'd go to have a peaceful birth safely, with no intervention, often in the bath, under your own steam.

It’s where my heroine midwives work with birthing couples without getting in the way. There's usually no doctors in the birthing room unless there's an emergency - and no drugs - but they’re still there if you ask for them.

Midwife, Mother ... Italian's Wife is my fifth book in Lyrebird Lake and it's amazing how much adventure a bunch of babies, a handful of dedicated midwives and doctors, and a small country town can generate.

Why does midwifery feature in my books? I’m a midwife and a writer, and my common theme in both careers is the strength in women. I love midwifery, catching babies, talking to women, being there to remind a mum how amazing she is and how she can achieve anything when she has confidence in her inner resources. And that goes for women who have unexpected outcomes too – they make the best of what their choices are because they’re strong – they’re amazing.

My midwife heroines love it all too. Then there are the heroes. These guys don't mind being woken in the night to help keep women and babies safe. They study hard to keep up to date with the latest trends in obstetrics. Sometimes though, they forget that women are nature’s amazing design for childbirth, these guys are trained for pathology and stress a bit, but don't worry, the midwives will remind them. But these gorgeous guys need some care too. They deserve love and passion and strong wonderful women to share a family with. That's what Leon's fighting for in Midwife, Mother .... Italian's Wife.

I was thrilled when Morgan said she loved this book. I hope you do too. If you haven’t read one, HMB Medical Romances are different, I think they’re fabulous, and I love writing them.

People often say "Being a midwife must be an amazing job." It is.

Ever thought you’d like to be a midwife? Tell me about it. Or nearly had to catch a baby that came quicker than expected? I'd love to hear that too. Or what you thought when you read this post. I'm here.

Warmest wishes,
- Fiona McArthur

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