First Look: Jennifer Estep's Touch Of Frost

The new YA series by Jennifer Estep follows teenage gypsy Gwen whose unusual psychic powers have resulted in her being, in Jennifer Estep’s own words, “shipped off to Mythos Academy” where she is surrounded by the offspring of ancient warriors. However, when a fellow student is killed and an ancient artifact disappears, Gwen can’t help but get involved. The first novel in the Mythos Academy series, Touch of Frost, doesn't hit stores for another three months but you can get a taste of it today!


I was almost clear of Valhalla Hall when a window on the second floor opened and a backpack sailed outside and plummeted to the ground in front of me. Somehow, I stifled the surprised scream in my throat. Especially since the backpack was followed a second later by a guy who landed in a low, perfect crouch. He got to his feet with ease, like the twenty-foot fall was nothing to him, and I saw who he was.

Logan freaking Quinn.

It was more dark than light now, and the Spartan looked even more dangerous in the blackening shadows. The pale, milky moon brought out the blue highlights in his thick, wavy black hair. Logan dusted a few leaves off his designer jeans, then glanced up to find me staring at him. His eyes narrowed in his chiseled face.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the Gypsy girl out here in the dark all by herself.” Logan’s voice sounded deep and ominous. “What are you doing?”

I clutched my bag to my chest, as if that would somehow protect me from the Spartan and the fact that he could kill me with his pinkie finger. “Not sneaking out of some poor girl’s dorm room like you so obviously are.”

He moved closer to me, but I held my ground and didn’t step back. Logan’s lips quirked up into that amused smile again. He must have realized that I was scared of him, despite my acidic words.

But I was only a little scared of him, I told myself. And only because Jasmine had been murdered and I was the one who’d found her body. And, well, maybe because I’d just broken into and searched her dorm room and had her laptop in my bag. Okay, so maybe I had several good reasons to be jumpy, in addition to the fact that I was standing here alone in the dark with Logan Quinn. The very sexy, very dangerous Logan Quinn.

“You’re right,” he said. “I had a date. And you? What are you doing out here?”

I clutched my bag with the stolen computer a little tighter. “Nothing. I was just on my way back to my dorm. Nothing, really.”

We stared at each other. Logan’s eyes were as pale as the moonlight on his face, more silver than blue now, while his skin resembled the stone statues that could be found on all the academy buildings. Cold. Remote. Hard. Perfect.

“Well, I think I’m going to go do nothing somewhere else,” Logan drawled. “Maybe back in my dorm room. Care to join me?”

I couldn’t stop my mouth from falling open. Had the infamous Logan Quinn just asked me to go back to his room with him? I rewound the last few seconds in my mind. Yes, yes, he had—a whole two minutes after he’d just jumped out of some other girl’s window.

Disgust filled me. Egotistical pig. Did he think that I was that easy? That I’d sleep with him just because he asked? That I was that lonely and that desperate? That he was so sexy that no girl could resist him? My eyes drifted over his muscled body again. Well, maybe he had the right to be pretty confident there.

But even if I had been a raging slut like Morgan McDougall who gave it up just for fun, there was still the little problem of my Gypsy gift. Just touching a hairbrush had made me scream so loud and so long that I’d wound up in the hospital. Sex with somebody like Logan Quinn would probably fry my brain for good. I hadn’t even kissed a guy in months now, ever since I’d broken up with Drew Squires, my first, and only, short-lived boyfriend. The last time we’d kissed, I’d felt him pretending that I was Paige Forrest. I’d dumped him right then and there.

“So what do you say, Gypsy girl?” Logan asked in a soft voice. “Want to go back to my room and do nothing together?”

“Sorry,” I snapped. “I think I’m going to go call my grandma.”

He raised an eyebrow. “The grandma who can rot off a guy’s dick?”

I gave him a bright smile, although I wondered if he could even see it or me in the darkness. “The one and the same. I’ll be sure and tell her all about you. Gotta run. Bye.”

I skirted around him and hurried on, this time not even caring what kind of freak he thought I was. But before I stepped around the side of the building I glanced over my shoulder.

Logan Quinn was still standing underneath the girl’s window. Still staring at me. Still watching me.

It might have only been my imagination, but I swear I thought I saw him smile again before I rounded the side of the dorm and he disappeared from sight.


Want more from Mythos Academy? Touch of Frost will be out on July 26, 2011 with the series second, Kiss of Frost, in December and a third novel to come in 2012. But to learn more today you can check out Jennifer Estep's website and be sure to mark your calendar for the series’ e-exclusive prequel, First Frost, which will be available in early July!