Six years ago my YouTube-obsessed (then) teenage sister told me about this amazing YouTube channel called Vlogbrothers, and she subsequently bought and inhaled several John Green books as a result. She was enamored with the brothers for a good year, and understandably so. They're hilarious. While John and Hank didn’t talk much about books at first, the Vlogbrothers were my first exposure to all things book-related on YouTube.

Dubbed “booktubers,” several younger readers have started vlogging about books. And frankly, most of them are downright annoying. I feel like when I watch a booktuber video, there’s an 80% chance it’ll feel like someone is yelling in my face. It’s not that these people are naturally annoying — it’s just the style of video that’s become popular. And on YouTube, seemingly everyone wants to be popular. Many booktuber videos are filled with cluttered text, yelling and over-the-top attempts to be funny, all of which take away from why I wanted to watch the video in the first place: I want to watch someone talk (in a relatively calm way) about books!

If you want to scream and do crazy things on the Internet, that’s perfectly fine. It’s wonderful, actually. But when I watch a 12-minute booktuber video that only contains three minutes of book talk, it feels like a waste of my time. Thankfully, there are also some really great booktubers out there. Here are some of my favorites.

Books and Quills

Sanne is so eloquent in front of the camera and after five years of YouTubing, she's had time to find her groove. She tends to review mostly YA, but has covered some other genres as well.

Rincey Reads

Rincey is doing things right. Her videos are professional looking, she's polished and she has a lot of insight about what she reads. She tends to review a lot of literary fiction, which I don't read much of, and some YA.

Bookish Thoughts

I love Jean! She tends to read a lot of fantasy, YA, comics and graphic novels. She's also a big fan of classics. Her videos feel more intimate and less planned, which sounds like it wouldn't work out well but for her, it does.

In The Book Corner

Anabel is so much fun to watch. Plus, she reads a lot of YA and NA romance. The video above about her favorite heroes is one of my favorites. "[I was] feeling a little pissed off over how perfect he was." Ha!

Bo-ok Nerd Canada

Canadian booklover Giselle vlogs almost exclusively about YA, and her bookshelves would make any YA fan incredibly jealous. The above video I especially enjoy because she's great at being critical without being mean. I also love how, in this particular video, she kept reading a series despite not liking the first two books. Dedication!

Do you watch booktube videos? Have any favorites? Let me know!

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