Five On Friday: Newly Announced Inspirational Book Deals

There are so many new book deals being made in the inspirational market that we’ve decided to devote a new special column to them. Here are five of this week's most inspiring inspirational book deals — just after they’ve been announced! 

There is a lot happening in Ace Collins' Fall 2012 release The Yellow Packard. Set on the brink of World War II, the characters must deal with a robbery, kidnapping and the hunt for a mobster. What ends up connecting the events? A 1936 yellow Packard. 

In Darlene Franklin's upcoming anthology Calico Brides, four young women find love on the prairie. Release date TBA. 

Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall continue their The End series with The Four Horseman publishing in Spring 2013. Set in the near future, the fictional The End series follows the prophesized events leading up to the Rapture and the Last Days of mankind. 

Kicking off Stephanie Reed’s three-book deal with publisher Kregel is The Bargain. The story takes place during the summer of 1971, as an Amish girl helps an English boy overcome the emotional scars of surviving the Kent State Massacre. The Bargain is set to publish in 2012. 

In Lena Nelson Dooley's 2013 inspirational novel The Gift of a Son, two people hurt in the past find solace when they step out of their regular lives and put their time and energy into a relationship that benefits them both.

And here's a Friday Freebie: 

In religious nonfiction, we are excited about the next book in the “Coffee Cup Bible Studies” series. Sandra Glahn’s Chi With Malachi focuses on the book of Malachi and helps readers explore and understand their blessings from God. Release date TBA. 

For more soon-to-be-published books you can visit our Upcoming Releases page and be sure to check out our Forewords column every Monday for the week’s newest book deals across all the genres!