Five On Friday: Newly Announced Inspirational Book Deals

There are so many new book deals being made in the inspirational market that we’ve decided to devote a new special column to them. Here are five of this week's most inspiring inspirational book deals — just after they’ve been announced! 

Diane Noble will pen the next novel in Guidepost’s The Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop mystery series. We are looking forward to returning to this delightful Cape Cod bookstore with the author’s By Word of Mouth, on shelves in 2012.

Set during Prohibition, Ann Tatlock’s Mercy, Ohio follows the story of a teenage girl who moves to a small Ohio town. There she discovers that not only is her uncle helping transport illegal alcohol, but that people in small towns fight the same battles as those in big cities.

Author Jody Hedlund is embarking on a new series of historical romances. The first installment in the series follows a young German immigrant who is forced to marry in order to keep her Michigan home, but while waiting for her mail-order groom to arrive, she falls for another man. Readers can expect Echo of Fall to hit stores in 2013.

Four mountain men's "fight to protect the fragile flames of life" leads them down a path of adventure in Elizabeth Goddard’s upcoming release. Look for Oregon Outback on shelves next year.

While playing with her new “Brownie” camera, a young Irish immigrant accidentally takes pictures of a crime in action. Cindy Thomson’s Grace’s Pictures tells the young girl’s story as she grapples with whether or to seek help from the local police or rely on her amateur sleuth skills. No publication date yet for what promises to be an exciting tale.

And here’s a Friday Freebie: 

Famed Evangelist Billy Graham will be releasing Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well later this month. Graham, who is in his nineties, will share his perspective on aging and according to his publisher, "teach some important lessons on how to view our time here on Earth." This book is slated to be released internationally October 18.

For more soon-to-be-published books you can visit our Upcoming Releases page and be sure to check out our Forewords column every Monday for the week’s newest book deals across all the genres!