Five On Friday: Newly Announced Inspirational Book Deals

There are so many new book deals being made in the inspirational market that we’ve decided to devote a new special column to them. Here are five of this week's most inspiring inspirational book deals — just after they’ve been announced!

A Brother’s Gift by S. Dionne Moore tells the tale of an unlikely romance that develops between a Civil War soldier and a nurse when he returns her brother’s quilt from the frontlines. This story will be part of the Quilts of Love series, which is scheduled to begin with October 2012’s Storm’s Signal by Carolyn Zane and continue through March 2014 (although there’s no word yet on a pub date for A Brother’s Gift).

Another forthcoming installment of the Quilts of Love series will be written by Barbara Cameron. Her novel Scraps of Evidence will feature a vintage quilt that inspires a young woman to re-examine what she thought she knew about her aunt’s accident — and her family’s history.

The upcoming Quilts of Love series will also include Hearts of Teal by Sandra Bricker. Get swept up by the message of renewal in this story when a young woman helps a family recover from tragedy by organizing the creation of a memory quilt.

And if you really enjoy reading about sewers, there is an historical tale that you will want to keep your eyes open for. Capturing the Lieutenant by Lily George promises to feature a penniless seamstress who must choose between love and respectability with her equally poor Waterloo veteran or a life of luxury and depravity as the mistress of a powerful English lord.

For an interesting non-craft read, Lorraine Beatty's Beautiful Dreamer features a career-driven teacher on a path to becoming her school’s Vice Principal. However, her life plan is changed after she meets a film producer. Intrigued? So are we. Thankfully this book will be on store shelves in February!

And here’s your Friday Freebie:

Where God Finds You by Anita Higman is a short story collection comprised of the re-told moments that changed the lives Biblical characters. Not only are these stories written in first person, they are all set in contemporary times. Interested? This anthology will be in stores in 2013.

For more soon-to-be-published books you can visit our Upcoming Releases page and be sure to check out our Forewords column every Monday for the week’s newest book deals across all the genres!