Five On Friday: Newly Announced Young Adult Book Deals

There are so many new book deals being made in the Young Adult market that we’ve decided to devote a new special column to them. Here are five of the new YA book deals that we can't wait for — just after they have been announced! And today, in honor of Mystery Month, each of the following deals feature some sort of mysterious element ... 

Gothic fans will flip for Elizabeth Hand’s Wylding Hall, which reboots Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier and places the teen heroine at a competitive summer camp for the artistically gifted. Publication date TBA.

Venturing even further into creepy territory is Renegade by Jessica Souders. Her tale is set in an underwater Utopia where a female assassin realizes that she does not control her own mind or body, and that her memories have been altered. The publication date has not yet been announced, but we are anxious to get our hands on this novel for several reasons, not the least of which is to find out why a utopia needs assassins!

For those who love ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars, based on the book series by the same name from Sara Shepard, debut author Billy Lombardo’s Day of the Palindrome looks to be right up that same dark and dangerous ally. In Day a teen whispers cryptic messages, but her fun turns deadly when one of these messages results in another girl’s death.

House of a Thousand Dolls promises to be just as chilling as the title seems. This debut novel from the pen of Miriam Forester takes place on an isolated estate where orphaned girls are trained for nefarious purposes. When people start dying, a servant must uncover the truth or she will be sold into slavery. We are already getting chills.

Ripper by Amy Carol Reeves will start a historical YA series about the Victorian Miss who must put an end to the famous London killer’s spree. This tale is set to publish in Fall 2012.

And your Friday Freebie:

What would you do if you survived falling into a waterfall only to discover that after you resurfaced alive your home had become something darkly different? This is what faces the teen hero of Paul Blackwell’s Crystal Falls. (Readers may recognize Paul Blackwell's style, under the name Paul Bracegirdle he wrote the popular Joy of Spooking trilogy.)

For more soon-to-be-published books you can visit our Upcoming Releases page and be sure to check out our Forewords column every Monday for the week’s newest book deals across all the genres!