Five On Friday: Young Adult Edition

There are so many new book deals being made in the Young Adult market that we’ve decided to devote a new special column to them. Here are five of this new Young Adult book deals that we can't wait for — just after the deals have been announced! 

Pivot Point by Kasie West, will start a two-book series about a girl who must choose which alternate future is the one she wants to live through. 

Horror fans get ready for Gretchen McNeil’s Ten, which strands that many teens on a remote island with a deadly foe. 

The heroine of Sarah Cross’ Kill Me Softly lives out a Sleeping Beauty story when she stumbles into a Grimm fairytale world that is eerily similar to our own. 

Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston team up for a dystopian series set long after the fall of humanity in the time of a second ice age. Science and magic war in Frozen the first in The Otherland Chronicles.

For those who are craving contemporary tales, The Silent Treatment by debut author Kwame Alexander is sure to satisfy. An activist who works for the school paper and a playbook football star team up to uncover corruption at their school — and fall in love along the way.

And here’s your Friday Freebie:

Jennifer Banash has two new tales coming up. Taking place in the 1980s, White Lines follows a group of New York City teens that hang out in clubs. Also look for Banash’s story of a teenage bully who wakes up in the body of a girl she’d teased mercilessly in Edge of Seventeen.

For more soon-to-be-published books you can visit our Upcoming Releases page and be sure to check out our Forewords column every Monday for the week’s newest book deals across all the genres!