Five Minutes With Actor Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper’s new movie Limitless hits theatres this weekend. The film is based on the 2001 novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn. Bradley plays the story's protagonist Eddie Morra, a down-and-out writer who is given the opportunity to achieve great things by just taking a pill. Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Bradley to chat with him about this film and his next project, The Hangover Part II



When Limitless begins, Eddie is in pretty bad shape. Do you relate to him at all at this stage of his life?

When I first started acting, I was working as a doorman here in New York. But I had a lot of hope. Hope is vacant from Eddie’s life. Completely gone. He is 35 years old and hasn’t written a word on his manuscript in eight years. His girlfriend breaks up with him and he is about to be evicted. Before I started acting, I really felt that there was a lot ahead of me. So the only thing I really identify with old Eddie is his procrastination. 

Eddie decides to take a pill that will unlock his full brain potential. Would you take the drug?

Yes! Wouldn’t you? But, if I was able to utilize 100% of my brain, I’d be more lazy than Eddie. 

In the movie, you learn Italian to impress a girl. Anything you’ve done in real life to impress a girl?

When I was in acting classes, I had to take dance. It was a lot like Fame. I was pretty awful, but in my mind I was good. One time they brought in this other class to visit and there was a cute girl. All of the sudden I become this peacock and everyone else was like what are you doing.

Did it work?

Yeah, for a while. But she probably just felt sorry for me.

Limitless has a lot of action scenes. Did you do your own stunts?

A lot of them, but I don’t do any water stunts. I have a hole in my right ear so I can’t dive or anything. 

What is your favorite scene in the movie? 

The fight scene in the subway. Once he is taking the drug, Eddie can remember everything he has ever seen and heard. Finally all of those hours watching TV wrestling and Bruce Lee movies pays off. 

For you, what was the most difficult part of the film?

Learning the lines. I started memorizing the lines two months before shooting. There are huge chunks of dialogue and I had to be proficient linguistically. I couldn’t hesitate or stutter when on the drug. Eddie unleashes paragraphs of dialogue and it demanded a lot, but I enjoyed it. 

Limitless is based on the book The Dark Fields. Did you read it?

Yes. It is a compelling read and a compelling character. It is not too far away from what is medically possible. Just like the book, when we made the movie, we wanted to incite questions. 

Are there any other books that you would want to star in if it were adapted to the screen?

The Great Gatsby. Definitely. 

Your breakout movie was last year’s The Hangover. Anything you can share about filming this and The Hangover Part II

When we were making the first one, we always thought about it like a small movie. You always want a big opening weekend, but we had no idea. The next one? It is darker and grittier, so get ready. 

To spend more time with Bradley Cooper, you can check out Limitless when it is released tomorrow and then look for The Hangover Part II, which will be in theatres later this year.