Five Minutes With Brenda Jackson At The RT BOOKLOVERS CONVENTION

RT Assistant Web Editor Whitney caught up with best-selling author Brenda Jackson at this year's RT BOOKLOVERS CONVENTION.
Author Brenda Jackson and I had a chance to chat just after Wednesday's "Mass Appeal" panel and she was kind enough to answer a three questions for me on her way upstairs to get her daily writing done.

Whitney: Do you have a favorite scene you've ever written?
Brenda Jackson: My favorite scenes to write are when my characters meet.

W: you are doing your first full-length novel, A Silken Thread, with Kimani this year. The novel is set to release in March 2011, have you found that there is a big difference between your series titles and your full-length project?

BJ: More time, more room, more pages means that there is a more complex plot, sub-plot and secondary characters. That's been the biggest difference.

(This was said with a grin, so I think she must really be enjoying the longer-length format that is giving her room.)

W: What can we expect from you in the next year?

BJ: I am doing a movie production right now, it's a book adaptation that I am doing with my son. And I am interested in turning 2011's A Silken Thread into a made for TV movie.

There are certainly big things on the horizon for author Brenda Jackson!