Five Reasons To Read Maya Banks’ Whispers In The Dark

This week author Maya Banks released the fourth book in her popular KGI series. And while Whispers in the Dark has a lot in common with the series’ previous stories, the author takes a turn towards the paranormal in this outing. The story opens as Nathan Kelly is held hostage in the caves of Afghanistan where his brothers can’t find him. There is only one person who can help, and she is in a whole lot of trouble herself. Shea Peterson has an inexplicable connection to the tortured soldier that allows her to not only communicate with the man, but she can also siphon off his pain. However, while Shea is able to help Nathan escape, she cannot escape from those who want to kidnap and study her for her amazing abilities. 

Banks’ series had me at hello. (A group of top-secret ex-soldiers fighting to bring down the world’s bad guys? Bring it!) But, even in a series of books I love, Whispers in the Dark stands out. It’s special because of the type of connection that the hero and heroine have. These two absolutely belong together. They would not, could not, be complete with anyone else. And if that is not a reason to pick up a romance, I don’t know what is. But just in case you aren’t sold, I have five more reasons why you should read Whispers in the Dark

The Book's Standalone Quality 

For readers (like me!) who have followed the Kelly brothers books from the very beginning, you will all be pleased to know that Whispers in the Dark delivers what we have come to expect from a KGI novel — a determined woman, a strong, yet caring man and enough action to keep the pages turning. However, if you haven’t had the chance to pick up the series yet, this is not a problem because this book can absolutely be read as a standalone. With no confusing overarching conspiracies or plots, readers get a fresh start with Nathan and Shea. 

Well-Crafted Paranormal Elements

As a professed lover of what some refer to as “woo woo” books, I love that the heroine has a paranormal ability. Her telepathy sets up the entire story as she is able to save Nathan even from a long distance. There is no way this story could be told without this supernatural element. But for those not used to the paranormal, or those that don’t like it included, not to worry. The other characters, especially the other Kelly brothers, are very skeptical of Shea’s abilities — keeping it pretty close to what I would suspect would happen in real life. The raised eyebrows and pointed questions go a long way to making this paranormal element stand out for all of the right reasons. 

The Female Hero

I know, I know. A female hero is technically a ‘heroine’, but the truth is that Shea is so strong and so determined; I didn’t feel like adding the ‘-ine’ because I would place this woman among the ranks of the super awesome Kelly brothers. Standing up to unimaginable threats, this is a woman who is scared, but she certainly doesn’t let this stop her from doing what needs to be done. And Nathan is fully aware (and in complete awe) of his lady's specialness. He repeatedly tells everyone in the vicinity just how amazing Shea is and that she saved him body and soul. Dreamy sigh. 

The Next Book

Get ready to get ready because Banks makes it very clear in Whispers in the Dark who gets the next story. Releasing in July, the fifth book in the series, Echoes at Dawn, will feature Shea’s sister, Grace, who must be rescued by KGI. However, in a series first, we will not be getting a Kelly brother hero, instead a well known team leaders is swooping in for the rescue. (And no, I’m not telling who. You will just have to read it for yourself!) 

It’s Maya-FREAKING-Banks

Contemporary romance, erotica, historical and romantic suspense. It seems like Ms. Banks can do it all. And readers are noticing. Even though she has only been published for a few years, Banks has made a name for herself in almost every romance subgenre. She has conquered all formats (her print books are award-winning and her e-book, Colters’ Daughter, was one of the very first digital first romances to land on a bestseller list) and she writes in every length, from novels to short stories and even series romance. Absolutely nothing is out of this author’s reach. So if you are looking for fast moving stories with lots of drama and super spicy romance, Maya Banks should definitely be on your buy list. 

Are you planning on picking up a copy of Whispers in the Dark? If so, I’d love to hear your reasons why in the comments.