Five Reasons To Read: Timepiece By Myra McEntire - With Giveaway!

It’s no secret that teens aren’t the only people reading Young Adult novels. However, whether or not you consider yourself a teen at heart there are several reasons that you should pick up this Myra McEntire’s new YA, Timepiece. The story — a romance with elements of mystery, science fiction and more — hit stores earlier this month. But in case you missed this novel, today I’m giving three lucky readers a chance to win McEntire's series second and the series starter, Hourglass. But before we get to the giveaway, first I want to share my five reasons every romance fan should read Timepiece.

1) What’s that, you say, it’s a series second? While this novel may technically be a “book two” it’s true that you don’t actually have to read book one to get swept up in the drama. This series second takes a page from adult books and focuses on a new hero and heroine. You’ll still see Hourglass Emerson and Michael, but they don’t take center stage. Instead the gorgeous, troubled Kaleb meets his match (and meoow, he and leading lady, Lily, who originally appears in a cat-costume, are a purrrfect pair). Oh, and the series’ big bad may have appeared first in book one but he becomes much more interesting in this installment.

2) Judge a book by its cover! I know, I know, you aren’t supposed to but honestly, this artwork is awesome. The photos that the covers were based on were shot by the fantastic Lissy Elle Laricchia and let me tell you, the front of both books really give you a sense for what is going on in the series. In book one the heroine thinks she’s crazy, hence the wall walking, and in book two the gang is starting to get control of the situation … or so they think. Plus the covers really capture the sort-of-sci-fi-sort-of-paranormal-definitely-something-special-ness of these books!


3) Desperately seeking troubled hero who will capture your heart? This book’s got one. Kaleb, who is suffering from a whole lot of baggage; this includes the recent death of his father (which has since been rectified, but opened the door to a slew of other problems) and his mother’s slide into a coma (thanks to the book’s big bad). So what’s a yummy teen boy to do? Well Kaleb opts to head to tattoos, piercings, booze and “ladies” with loose morals — that’s right he’s a YA bad boy.

But it’s handled so well that I loved, loved, loved him despite his previous habit of “catting around” with girls who weren’t his heroine. Each time his past bad behavior got in the way of his HEA I swear my heart did a little flop. And even as he’s trying to get back on the straight-and-narrow, Kaleb doesn’t become squeaky clean overnight. He can’t kick his sweet tooth (or his love of making out with Lily).

4) The “woo woo” aspect of this book will straight-up wow you. The teen characters in this book have a variety of supernatural skills. Kaleb can absorb people’s emotions, Lily can find whatever she looks for, and while it’s not their primary skill, Emerson and Michael cause electrical shortages with their chemistry. But before you start thinking “I’m not a paranormal fan” let me express that McEntire skillfully balances the weird (aka the paranormal) with the non-magical. This is a story about romance, the challenge of navigating a teen-guardian relationship, friendships and more — it just so happens that as the characters are focusing on the emotional drama, there is also ghost-busting to be done, a magical artifact to retrieve and someone who can re-write history. Right, right? Fantastic!

5) Timepiece’s fast-paced adventure draws you into the pages. Frankly, it moved so quickly that the end of the story had creeped up on me. And it’s not just that the plot is action-packed, but that the writing packs such a punch you will be totally engrossed. (And honestly, I think this book is the perfect summer read. So do yourself a favor and grab a blanket, go sit outside — preferably poolside — and be amazed.) And with the just-announced news that Infinityglass, the series third will be out next summer, there’s no time like the present to get going!

Tell me which of these aspects of the story has you the most intrigued and you’ll be entered to win Hourglass and Timepiece! For more YA reads, visit our Everything Young Adult Page.

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Three lucky readers will win a copy of Hourglass and Timepiece. To enter, leave a comment telling us which reason listed in this post has you most intrigued about reading Timepiece. You can also e-mail your response, along with your mailing address, with the subject line "Timepiece YA Giveaway." U.S. mailing addresses only, please. Winners will be announced July 3.

BLOG UPDATE 7/3/2012: The winner is Gleegirl.