The Foreign Flirts Of Series Romance

What woman wouldn’t love a few sweet nothings whispered in her ear, especially if they came from a sexy foreign man speaking his own language of love? Harlequin Presents is known for giving us exactly what we want – heroes who sweep the loves of their lives off their feet and whisk them away. This month’s delectable selections come from Scotland, Greece and Russia, and we’ve included a handy guide to foreign endearments that men from these countries might use. 


The Man Behind the Scars by Caitlin Crews

Our Sweetie: Rafe McFarland

His Homeland: Bonnie Scotland

Language of Love: Scottish Gaelic

Woman He Woos: Angel Tilson. Rafe wears the wounds of war on his face — and in his heart. Usually keeping to the Highlands of Scotland, he never thought it would be possible that he could find a woman to call gràdhach (dear, beloved). But when he heads out to a swanky party, he meets the beautiful Angel Tilson. Not many people surprise him, but she does when she offers him a marriage of convenience. It’s a proposal he can’t turn down, but has Rafe finally found someone he can say these words to: gaol mo chridhe, gaol mo bheatha (love of my heart, love of my life)?



Playing the Greek's Game by Sharon Kendrick

Our Sweetie: Zac Constantinides

His Homeland: The Land of the Gods — Greece!

Language of Love: Greek

Woman He Woos: Emma Geary. When Zac Constantinides fears his brother has fallen in apagi (love) with the wrong sort of woman, he’d do anything to keep his brother away from a gold digger. Even if it means spiriting Emma Geary away to his New York hotel. The woman who’d be his brother’s kardia (heart), is also an interior designer who should believe she’s just there to work a job. But the sexy blonde isn’t all that she appears, and there’s a depth to her that calls to Zac. Is it possible he’s found hriso tou (his golden one/his dear)?



The Man She Shouldn't Crave by Lucy Ellis

Our Sweetie: Plato Kuragin

His Homeland: Former home of the Tsars, Russia!

Language of Love: Russian

Woman He Woos: Rose Harkness. Plato Kuragin owns his own hockey team, and he keeps an eye out for his players. They’re to have no distractions from the game, so when he sees a krasivyĭ (beautiful) woman lurking around the rink, he’s ready to toss her out. But Rose isn’t there for nefarious purposes, the charming Southerner just hoped to recruit some team members to support her charity benefit. But she did wind up catching the eye of the sexy owner, and as their attraction and whirlwind romance takes them from Canada to Russia, she becomes Plato’s radost’ (joy) and solntse (sun). 



What’s your favorite term of endearment to be called? Let us know in the comments below, and to learn more about series romances, check out RT's Everything Romance Page.