Forewords - The Books Before The Buzz

With our column, Forewords, we let readers know the latest book news about some of the web team's most-anticipated upcoming releases across the genres — just as the projects are announced!


Paranormal Fiction - John L. Campbell imagines a grim San Francisco in Omega Days, the first in a trilogy, in which zombies roam the Bay Area and a group of humans fight to stay alive. Readers will undoubtedly be kept on the edge of their seats with this dark and action-packed story of survival. As of now, there is no news on when these books will hit bookstores.

Mystery - Rob Thomas is ready to take his hit TV series Veronica Mars to the shelves with two books that will include the characters from the popular show. The first book will continue where the upcoming movie leaves off and will feature Veronica as an adult. Look for the first book next year! 


Historical Romance - Joanna Shupe, a Golden Heart finalist, is scheduled to release Courtesan Duchess in early 2015. The first in a three book series, Duchess tells the story of a deserted Duchess who schemes to secure her future by tracking down her stranger of a husband in Venice and seducing him to produce an heir. Secret identities, passion and thrilling adventures are sure to engage readers.

Contemporary Romance - Sierra Donovan is ready to brighten our holidays with Christmas Present, a charming tale perfect for fans of the 2001 film Kate & Leopold. Donovan’s story features a single, thirty-something woman who finds herself face-to-face with a handsome character straight from a Dickens novel! The first in a two book series, look for this book next year!

Young Adult - Beth Fehlbaum's upcoming novel Big Fat Disaster sounds like anything but! After her father is arrested, an overweight teen girl moves with her perfect mother and sisters to a small-minded East Texas town, where she unexpectedly finds self-acceptance and forgiveness in the wake of realizing she caused a family tragedy by thinking about committing suicide. Look for this book March 2014.

Mainstream Fiction - Jeffrey Bartsch’s Tying the Knots tells the tale of two child geniuses who, despite marrying young and parting ways, still keep in touch with one another through clues in crossword puzzles. Release date: TBA.

Series Romance - Anna Sugden is sure to delight sports romance fans with her dramatic and sizzling book, Rescuing Jenny, the story of a hockey fan and the player who betrayed her when they teens. As the two of them overcome their differences, they struggle to create a happy future together.


Erotica - Scheduled for a 2014 release, Susan Arden’s Playing the Edge is sure to satisfy BDSM readers with its story about a yoga instructor who agrees to be a wealthy client’s submissive. Be sure to keep an eye out for this one!

New Adult - A soon-to-be college graduate finds his life in turmoil after he learns he may have an STD thanks to his cheating ex-boyfriend. Life sure can be unfair sometimes, and it doesn’t help that he meets an all too perfect firefighter during a camping trip. Look for the book, After the Rain, coming soon from Daisy Harris, and in the meantime don't miss the series first, From the Ashes, available in just a few short weeks!


Invoking the satire of Julie Klausner’s I Don’t Care About Your Band and the wit of Sloane Crosley, Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri’s A Field Guide to Awkward Silences is sure to have readers rolling on the floor laughing. Petri will take readers through her many adventures, which include a cow-milking contest and the International Whistling Convention. Release date: TBA.


One man fights to keep his family safe when the cyberworld crashes and a massive snowstorm leaves New York City isolated from the rest of the world in Matthew Mather’s Cyberstorm. Originally published as an e-book, this story is set to hit the big screens under the direction of Fox and Chernin Entertainment.

These are this week's deals that we can’t wait to hear more about in the coming months. Check back every Monday for more Forewords and you can always visit our Upcoming Releases Page!