Forewords - The Books Before The Buzz

With our column, Forewords, we scour the Internet for the latest book news on some of the web team's most-anticipated upcoming releases across genres — just as the projects are announced!


Mystery - This is a good one, folks. Nora Roberts as J.D. Robb will write three more novels in her popular In Death series. While titles, release dates and plot details have yet to be revealed, we sure can't wait.


Young Adult - Ann Brashares, author of the bestselling Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, is set to return to the YA scene with The Here and Now, a gripping tale of a girl from the future who travels back in time to help prevent the end of the world — and ends up falling in love in the process. Look for this high-stakes, romantic read in April 2014.

Inspirational Romance - Ruth Logan Herne will deliver yet another hopeful and enchanting read with Centennial Celebration. The novel follows a rancher whose injury forced him to give up his dreams of playing baseball and marrying his high school love. But when former residents return to his hometown for the Jasper Gulch Oldtimers game, he's soon contemplating the power of second chances.

Young Adult - After fainting at a swim meet, a sixteen-year-old girl is diagnosed with a fatal heart condition, destroying her dreams of qualifying for the Olympic trials. Will she be able to cope with her condition now that the one thing that mattered most is gone? Find out in Amy Fellner Dominy’s A Matter of Heart, coming in Spring 2015.

Fantasy - When a once-legendary swordswoman comes out of retirement, she sets her sights on seeking justice for the massacre of her village. But justice is not easily achieved, as every enemy she ever had stands in her way. Will she be able to defeat them once and for all? Find out in A Crown for Cold Silver by Alex Marshall, coming soon.

Science Fiction - In Wesley Chu’s Time Salvagers, a time traveler who saves valuable technologies from the past falls in love with a woman destined for doom. He does the unthinkable and brings her to his future. This sounds like it’ll have the perfect blend of sci-fi and romance elements, and we can’t wait to read it! Release date: TBA.

Historical Fiction - Laura Andersen tackles the ever-interesting lives of the Tudor family in her upcoming The Sovereign Trilogy, in which she depicts an alternate history where Elizabeth I marries and has a daughter, but is still charged with leading England into the new golden age. Release dates and titles: TBA.

Young Adult - Improv comedian Amy Spalding, author of The Reece Malcolm List, returns to the YA scene with Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys), a rousing story of a teen rocker girl and the boys in her life, including “the crush.” Look for this fun and charming read Spring 2015.


Mystery - Writing as Maggie Black, Mags Storey is ready to keep readers on the edge of their seats with Raincoat Killer. This dark tale tells the story of an event planner kidnapped by a killer and the investigative reporter who hopes to find them before it’s too late. Release date: TBA.

Historical Romance - What happens when a shy playwright and a struggling actor in Ancient Greece begin questioning if life is better on stage? Find out in Kerry Adrienne’s upcoming story, Beautiful One, coming soon from Ellora’s Cave!

Young Adult - The first in a three-part, e-book series, Run To You finds a girl and her psychic family on the run, with a government-hired killer close behind. But a boy with a vital secret gives her hope that maybe she’ll find safety and comfort one day, after all. Look for this new romantic thriller from Clara Kensie next February.

Contemporary Romance - When a woman is fired from her PR position, she lands in a rut, certain she’ll never recover. But a surprise trip to a fishing camp in Maine may just save her yet. Look for Tracy Ann Lord’s Good Catch and Maine Chance this October.

And those are the deals from this week that we can’t wait to hear more about in the coming months. Check back every Monday for more Forewords, and remember that you can always visit our Upcoming Releases Page!